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Stone Bridge



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edenschic03 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/08/2005
I lived in Stone Bridge for almost a year. About a month after we moved in, the entire leasing staff changed, including the manager. From there it got worse and worse. <br><br>To give you any idea we had to call the police atleast once a week on the people next to us due to noise and people smoking weed, however we were told by the complex that due to "a situation regarding that family" they could not kick them out. <br><br>We also made numerous complaints about our water heater making noise, each time they came and flushed the water heater out...which never fixed anything. Both of our cars were keyed by the guy that we'd called the police on (after the complex manager told him it was us who complained), we were then threatened twice by him. Still the manager refused to do anything. Finally they agreed to let us out of our lease early. <br><br>I had referred someone to live there (within the first month after we moved in when the old management was still there), however I was refused the "$500 referral bonus". <br><br>Also, over the summer the pool had slimy stuff growing on the bottom of it and it was always disgusting. We noticed that 90% of the time, the pump was not turned on. GROSS!<br><br>I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy! This was definitely the most I've ever paid for a TERRIBLE experience!<br>
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Stone Bridge

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