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The Drake

6503 Marsol Rd

Mayfield Heights, OH 44124



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
I relocated from over 1000 miles away, so I rented site unseen. I knew it was a mistake when I first got here. My apartment wasn't fully ready, but I had nowhere else to go to wait till it was done, so I moved in. Some touch up paint needed to be done. This happened while I was at work. While unpacking I placed dishes in the sink to be washed before I put them away. This was a mistake because the guy that did the touch up paint washed his brushes in my sink right over my dishes. And then he left it like that. As a result, I had to toss a few dishes.<br><br>The good: <br> The place stays warm in the winter. The rent is cheap. They have a well priced garage that makes the winter much more bearable.<br><br>The bad:<br> Noisey neighbors - People here don't seem to understand that if you let the door just shut behind you w/o slowing it down, the entire floor can hear it. Having a normal job isn't always conducive to living here as some people think its fun to run up and down that hall at 3 am yelling and screaming. The noise always seems to come out at night but during the day it's pretty quite.<br> It's in bad shape - the elevators aren't always working. And when they are, sometimes they won't stop on your floor. Plus the building smells funny. People here don't seem to take pride in where they live in that regard. I've seen people come in smoking a cigarette and get into the elevator still smoking that same cigarette.<br><br>There are definitely some nice people that live here, but the amount of inconsiderate people makes it unpleasant.
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The Drake

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