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The Drake

6503 Marsol Rd

Mayfield Heights, OH 44124



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
I agree that the complex has both good and bad sides. There is no problem with parking, it is secure enough and I didn't hear any crime caused by the ignorance of the management, you never miss or lose a package delivery (I missed a lot of stuff in my old apartment because of UPS and FedEx leaving stuff in front the door and someone was stealing them), it is a quiet neighborhood (if your neighbor loves to party, you just call security and they take care of the noise in minutes), and so on..Another good thing is that the management never tells they won't do something you wanted them to do. One way or another you always come to an aggreement. However, the greatest problem of Marsol is also the customer-friendliness of the management. If you are considering to lease a place at Marsol and looked at a place, you probably lease the place as is; don't expect anything to be fixed later. The management may say to you that they would replace stuff like carpet, dishwasher, bathtub... but make sure that you put it on writing before signing anything, because the management is so nice that you trust them in everything and cannot sue them in future since you won't have any proof. I know at least 4 neighbors who signed a lease 4-5 months ago and still living with burned/stained carpet, cracked tiles, broken diswasher, leaking sinks, even leaking ceilings...and waiting for the maintenance to replace those as the management promised before they moved in. I'm sure the management is doing what they can do, but apparently it is not enough and they need to at least double the number of their maintenance staff/and fire the ones that they get a lot of complaints..Or at least the management should give you the flexibility to choose the superintendent coming to your aparment. Because there is this maintenance guy, I don't want to describe him here, who breaks already-working-stuf in your apartment, lies to the management that he took care of the problems in apartments, yells at you and says that you don't know how to use simple things like "electric switches", or a "faucet" and accuses that you broke the things, leaves your apartment in a dusty mess when he fixes something on the walls/ceilings... And when you complain about him, the management says "he is just an old guy and show mercy"...As a result, Marsol is a great place to live in if you don't have any maintenance problems in your aparment, but Marsol is a hell if you have lots of issues in your apartment.
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The Drake

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