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Autumn Woods Apartments

8500 Tree Top Court South

Miamisburg, OH 45342



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/24/2017
DO NOT MOVE HERE DONT DO IT!!!!! THE APARTMENTS LOOK NOTHING LIKE THE MODELS!!! they don't even show you your apartment before you move in!!! Don't move here it was my worst mistake ever!!!! When I first moved in, the air DID NOT work, bath tub had hella stains in it, all types of black stains, it was so nasty!! My first week of living here I had to drive all the way to my parents house JUST to take a shower.. I couldn't even open and close my patio door! The door fell off about 3 times before they actually came to fix it!! They gave me old appliances which barely worked! Only worked some days! The refrigerator was SO old that it had a egg carton inside of it!! I could literally take my eggs out the box and sit them in the carton inside the fridge. The stove barely worked! I went all the way to the grocery store one day just to get home to find out my stove wouldn't work that day!! They tried to tell me I unplugged my appliances every day! They told me an extra $25 for new appliances every month. They told me $30 extra for washer and dryer when the laundry room is disgusting!! The carpet is old as hell! All they did was give me $150 cleaning fee back and that's not nothing!!!! I asked what I have to do to break my lease and they told me $1500 PLUS the next months rent for the month that I WOULDNT be living here... this is -------- do not move here what so ever!!!! Rent is too high for these old --- un updated buildings!! The office and everything looks NICE and so does the models! But the apartments look nothing like it! I been here not even 2 months and this is my worst mistake ever!! My counters are all scratched up from the previous people who lived here, my outlets are all falling out of the wall, they still haven't replaced by blinds, they are old as hell, the closet door keeps falling off track!!! It stinks here!!! It's like a old --- motel! Residents pets have ---- everywhere when you walking into your apartment, there is a thousand bugs in the entrance from dog ----! It stinks SO bad outside makes me want to throw up!! The tweets have sticky stuff all over them that messes up your car and causes bugs to stay all over them! I came outside one day to get into KY car and there was $6 bees on my car along with about 20 Flies!! I literally had to pour hot water onto my car for them to get off! The modeled versions are nice but please don't let them fool you!!! My sink flooded a few weeks after me living here and maintenance came to fix it but they didn't even clean up the water!! The patio is so nasty paint is all chipping!!! My shower barely works!! They didn't clean anything when I moved in but I had to wait months just to move in and nothing was clean!! The apartment manager Lindsey or whatever the hell her name is told me the reason it wasn't clean is because they have so many people moving in it's hard to focus just on one apartment!!
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Autumn Woods Apartments

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 08/24/2017) Image of Autumn Woods Apartments in Miamisburg, OH
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 08/24/2017) Image of Autumn Woods Apartments in Miamisburg, OH
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 08/24/2017) Image of Autumn Woods Apartments in Miamisburg, OH
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 08/24/2017) Image of Autumn Woods Apartments in Miamisburg, OH
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