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Lyons Gate Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 06/26/2014
I currently live here and I'm very pleased with this place. Very good prices for the amount of space you get, friendly staff and maintenance. My apartment is very quiet and the grounds are fairly quiet. There are people that drive very fast through the parking lot and sometimes blast their music but other than that, its quite. I was planning on moving when my lease is up next month only bc I wanted to be closer to my new job but decided to stay bc it really is a nice place to live and the price is good. I am thinking of possibly moving to a bigger apartment within Lyons Gate. My only 3 complaints I have are parking, bee's and no locks on the main doors. The parking is horrible! I work until 1am and coming home to find a parking spot is a nightmare! I've had to rent the carport just to have a place to park! With the bee's, my apartment is facing the parking lot so they have flowers right in front of your porch that attracts bee's like crazy. A friend was visiting and standing on my porch smoking and got stung. There has been a few silver fish centipedes spotted in the apartment but not many. The main doors into the apartments do not have locks to where anyone can just walk in. I've had a few random people come knocking on my door and living alone, that freaks me out! Also, the lady on the second floor said she had to call the police the other night for someone knocking on her door at 2am. But they do have a security bar on the sliding door which makes me feel better. Just wish there were locks on the main door. Other than that, I like the property and would recommend living here.
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Lyons Gate Apartments

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