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Lyons Gate Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 12/30/2008
I will have lived here for 2 years this coming Feb 2009. All apartment complex's have their good things and bad things. I agree about the drivers going a little too fast in the parking area. I have had some issues with my neighbors also. I used to have a couple who were extreemly loud and fought all the time outside and the guy would punch mailboxes in the hallway, and the cops kept having to come. But they moved out. Now i only have one guy who blares his stereo each night at 1am-2am which causes the apartment to shake a bit. You have some people driving by at night with their rap music very loud and thumping which you can hear through a closed window. I also have downstairs neighbors who are in wheelchairs and persist to be outside in all weather without any bottom clothes on and urinate in the hallway, causing it to smell really bad all the time. However I have dealt with that, knowing that it could be worse. The apartment itself is in pretty good condition. They replace the carpet after each person and paint the whole apartment also. If you have any maintance issues they usually respond within 2-3 days at the latest (usually the next day)and always leave a note saying what they did. They are good at upkeep for the most part, they will provide letters whenever they will change furnace filters or whatnot to let you know around when it will be. The parking lot was bad last year however this summer they did repave a little bit so its better and doesnt have really any potholes. I really have not had any real problems with my apartment, my only complaint is my neighbors but you can not control that and will get that anywhere. I do have some very nice people in my building. As a side note, the employees in the office do change quite a bit but the service remains good. ***this complex is rent controlled so you have to make below a certain amount to live here, because its government property****
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Lyons Gate Apartments

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