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The Flats at Austin Landing



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
A $300 a month price increase on a 2 bedroom apartment in the Dayton area after one year would throw some people off. We were one of them. I don't believe I have ever written a negative review about a company, but this is the first time I have felt like I have needed to write one. Let me start with the positives. Until a couple months ago, this had been my favorite place to live around here. The area is lively and the people who live here are friendly. The staff at the front desk were very polite, knew your name (and your dog's name), said hello and goodbye when you entered or left, and gladly answered any question you threw at them. A couple months ago, a new company bought the apartment complex and everything has changed. You can tell that the only goal of this company is to suck more money out of you. They no longer accept packages at the front desk, so the halls are now littered with huge random packages - a pleasure around Christmas time, I'm sure. With this and the tons of trash in the halls (which you can see from other reviews), I don't know how this wouldn't be a fire hazard. Emails sent out to the whole complex make you feel like you're in the college dorm. If you guys don't get out of the pool by 9:00, we'll just shut it down when we leave! Constant phone calls and texts asking if we're going to renew our lease and then getting upset when we say we don't know yet. I've never seen an apartment complex run like this. They say they need to increase the price because of upgrades. If there are upgrades, we sure haven't seen them. I think they painted a couple spaces that definitely didn't need it. You now also get to pay $75 for 1 parking space in the garage, even if you don't want one. There's still a fountain that doesn't work in front of the complex. The pool didn't open for several extra weeks. Unless you use the front entrance, you'll either be greeted by an overflowing, horrible smelling trash can and cigarette butts or a mix of spider webs and random bugs around the door. They couldn't find anybody to live in this specific apartment until we moved in and they think it deserves a $300 increase? Granted, they did tell us they would knock it down to only $200 more a month since we're good tenants. We have to hurry though because they said the company will only allow them to do this for 2 people (we still have 3 months left on this current lease). I have a feeling that more reviews will be similar to this one once they continue rolling out the new leases. You hear talk outside around the pool and hangout areas from people complaining about the new management, but I think it's only going to get worse.
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The Flats at Austin Landing

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