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Bavarian Woods

154 Bavarian Drive

Middletown, OH 45044



Former Resident · 2016 - 2019
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Office Staff
"New Management" is a joke. They do not care about circumstance, will not work with you in any situation, and will constantly insult you with their veil of incompetence. They have moved to an online only, digital payments system. No checks, and only reluctantly accepting money orders/cashier's checks. However, if anything happens to your log-in, which they will change as they see fit, you are responsible for the problems and any delays that may have caused to your payments despite it having been caused by them. If they do something that deletes all your information, like say deleting a dead roommate from their system then so help you. You will be locked out and they will continue to demand their payments while being entirely unhelpful in resolving the issues that they'd made. Oh, and apparently, they WILL change this without even telling you if they so feel like it. The management here is a joke who don't want to address any of the issues such as parking, driveway maintenance, or you know, letting you know the actual terms of your lease until the last possible second in order to bilk you out of as much money as they possibly can before they're done with you. On top of that, the buildings ARE old, and the could absolutely use a lot of renovation to restore the absolutely gorgeous style and look Which is a shame, because the Aesthetic of the area is the one thing I loved most about this place. Unfortunately, the people in charge of it are just the worst!
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Bavarian Woods

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