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Eastwood Arms Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
Honestly this has been the worst place I've lived. Moved in June of 2013 and have have problems continulasy here.When we firstnmoved it it seemed nice then things started to get out of hand.I was pregnant when I moved in and had my baby in January when broughtbher home the heat wasn't working and they took forever to fix keep in mind I had a few day old baby. Not only then I had problem with my heat but had it happen continually all through winter.Then next problem I have faced since I've moved here is the urnine smell in the hallways when you walk in my appartmnet building from a elderly women.Next you smell swegage smell from a cubby hole they won't fix.I have called management and they don't care at all. they also don't care because they don't have to smell it or live in it. Now I'm having issues with no hot water and have had to call numerous times and hasn't fixed issue.Now they have been tires of me complaining now they turned up the hot water tank to compensate and now you burn your self when trying to get some hot water . Personal issues I have had it FYI when your 13 month lease is up you get charged $50 more a month on top of original rent . Its like a slap in your face for the good tenets. Another issue I have came across is that now that I'm a stay at home mother since I was 4 months pregnant due to severe complications and not being able to work my fiance has been paying the rent due to me unable to work.Now that we have grown our family and need a 2 bedroom we applied for the apartment and got denied because of my fiance's backgorund crazy now that they have seen his background I feel discrimated against and now I'm being treated like crap from the apartment's manager Dan. By far worst place I've lived !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Eastwood Arms Apartments

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