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Lafayette Village



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
Seriously, dont live here unless you have low standards and expectations from your neighbors and the property manager. The property manager is never available. You can never get ahold of him. So when you go to drop off your rent, you cant get a receipt showing proof you paid so you have to hope they dont try to screw you over. Also in my building, the entry way and first floor hallway smells like dog piss. To "fix" the smell issue, management just put out air fresheners so now the building smells like dog piss and rotted flowers. There is no secured entry, so there are people constantly knocking on my door. Also there are never enough parking spaces available. People have to park either really far away from their buildings or in the fire zones. To top it off we have the trailer park boys hanging out in the parking lot. They park their trucks together and drink, yell and stay out till all hours of the night keeping people up all night. One night they got into a fight and staryed yelling at 3am and decided to wake everyone up in the buildings by revving their engines and peeling out of the lot, multiple times. These people are nuts and honestly I dont feel safe around them. Stay away if you value peace, quiet, safety and your sense of smell.
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Lafayette Village

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