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Village Gate Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2011
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I have been here way to long , i finale saved up the money to move . this place by far the worst place i have stayed at ,,,,,,,,, i know alot off people here are not happy but if you go to mang. you will just get the run around tell you what you want to here but doing nothing to fix things ,,, you have to live with alot of late night not sleeping cause of all the loud people i can not tell you how many night i got woke up by partys poeple having out in front of there app. till 2 or 3 0r 4 in the mor. before i left i talked to alot of poeple and they would not say much cause they know i would not change one mor i woke up and there was a tarp up so they could party when it was raining i cant believe that this place would let things go like this i paid my rent never late one time but the people that were always were aload and cause proplems do what they want, iam so glad i moved i had one small problem at my new place and it was fixed the next day, plus this place will not put up will all the stuff i had to deal with at villagegate ,if you want to get home from work and deal with noice and trach please movein there i would live in my car before i would ever live there .
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Village Gate Apartments

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