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Sharondale Woods



Resident · 2016 - 2018
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Office Staff
I've been a tenant for a little under two years, would not recommend this place. My experience started out with being given key to my apartment that wasn't finished. Stains on carpet, outlet covers missing from walls. I could tell that they vacuumed and painted baseboards, cleaned kitchen but that was about it. I complained, they apologized and gave a gift card to remedy the situation. Later that day, I received a call from the office asking me if I could possibly move in two weeks later, reasoning was that they found a "small" roach. I refused, I worked very hard to save for the deposit and rent and got helpers to help me move that day and didn't want mine or my helpers work/time to go to waste. I moved in, found out there was a serious roach issue. Over the course of two months living here they had exterminators come three times, I continued to have a roach issue until I took initiative to buy and place my own bug killers around the apartment. Issue resolved within a week. Time goes on to winter and my heat isn't working. I walked to the office two consecutive weeks to have the issue addressed. A month or so passed by without it being fixed so I brought it back up when I went to pay rent, was told it was my fault for not calling despite my multiple in-person attempts to express the heat issue. Towards the end of winter the ceiling thwarted leaking water into my apartment, took them two weeks to address this issue. These are the major gripes I have about this place. Less critical issue is office staff, one isn't outright rude, but I do get the impression that she just doesn't want me here. It's like a weird vendetta. I have a dog, and I'm routinely asked if I take my dog out on time or about other dog odors, which I know isn't an issue because he's house trained and never relieves himself in my apartment or hallways. Me and my guests have never experienced these odors she's claimed. I feel as though I'm being hassled without real cause. I have had good experiences here as well, they are very few compared to the extent of issues I've had here. A disclaimer, they raise rent each year but will tell you they don't upon initial lease signing. You'll think rent is cheap until you live here and realize the apartments are just cheap, poorly maintained and repaired. community amenities aren't all that great but they are there for the sake of being there. If I could do it all again I would spend my money elsewhere, I get the impression that I'm going to be hassled until I leave or until they can kick me out.
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Sharondale Woods

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