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Sharondale Woods



Resident · 2017 - 2019
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Office Staff
I've lived here under a lease contract for a year and as a month to month leaser for 5 months. During my stay, I've had 15 notices for pest control coming in. No, I am not kidding, this place has an intense roach problem, probably due to the buildings age and cracked foundation. I came home one time and had 3 different notices of exterminators coming in on different days. When you're on a month-to-month contract, even if you know the exact day you want to move out, if you don't let them know by the first of the month (Even January), they're going to force you to take on next month's rent without any opportunity for a prorated charge. I would've saved money by getting a full year lease and terminating early instead, because of how much more expensive the month-to-month rent is. I moved in from out of state. This place is close to my current job, which was the main reason I came here. The office staff here do not make things easy. I've emailed on many occasions without response. Trying to call into the office from another state was such a hassle as it would be a random tossup if they would actually pick up the phone or not. I told them I wanted to live here and wanted to secure a place. I was told I need to mail in a security deposit to secure an apartment. There's no way to reserve a spot online. Was told that I would be denied the apartment I wanted if I couldn't mail in a deposit before someone else was interested in the apartment. Wow, thanks office staff, I guess I'll just overnight mail my check just so I can hope I can have a place to live when you're so cutthroat on reserving your spots. Other smaller complaints. The heating / cooling here is worthless. It's one wall mounted unit near the kitchen. If you want to have air conditioning, you're going to have to have the wall unit on at all times and that thing is loud and annoying. They will raise your rent every year. They also don't tell you online, but they list water as a separate part of rent, so take whatever you see online and add $40 to it.
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Sharondale Woods

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