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Liberty Hill



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
This place is unsafe, with bad staff, and Goldberg could not care less about their residents.<br><br>Goldberg's staff left us without air conditioning all summer, even though it was 90 degrees outside. The thing kept freezing up after a few hours of running. We'd turn it off to avoid high electric bills and ask them to come check it. They did - days later after each complaint - and, each time, it had defrosted itself completely because it had been off for days! <br><br>We complained about this all summer, but they kept telling us we were wrong to say it wasn't working. All anyone would've had to do was actually leave the office and come two buildings over to realize it wasn't working properly. They were unwilling to do so on several occasions.<br><br>We ended up giving up and finding another place after months passed without them fixing it. The leasing office staff told us this was happening all over the complex - the a/c units were old and needed replacing years ago, but 90 degree weather in June caused a lot of them to die. She said they were told to keep telling people the units were working because the company didn't have enough replacements to fix them. What's sad is there were many elderly residents in the complex, probably with nowhere else to go.<br><br>Because we left - even though the company left us for nearly two months without a/c - they're trying to recover all sorts of lost rent, re-marketing fees, and late fees from us (because they sent the final bill to the APARTMENT THEY KNEW WE LEFT). We had called to talk to the property manager to try to resolve this. This woman failed to return my calls, and left my roommate in tears because of the her degrading, rude, and unprofessional manner on the phone. She had first threatened to try to recover months' worth of rent - and now, they're threatening to "affect our credit" if we don't pay (despite the unreturned phone calls).<br><br>We were treated so badly by the manager, we were forced to hire a lawyer to deal with this matter - who has said Goldberg is known throughout the legal community as being unusually difficult and unresponsive to residents' needs, even those like us who had never made a late payment and never complained about a thing until the a/c issue. And they're known for trying to get as much as they can from anyone who tries to leave.<br><br>Also..<br><br>Within the first month, someone entered our apartment without our knowledge. We can only assume it was maintenace, although we didn't request anything fixed...but our toilet had been used (although they were nice enough to put a new roll of paper out) and some of our food had been eaten. Nice.<br><br>We also had to deal with all sorts of rowdy children, including one who ran in front of my car - while it was moving - to make several obscene gestures. This happened directly in front of the leasing office. And my roommate's car was vandalized, with the grill stolen off the front while parked outside our building.<br><br>Anywhere else would be better than Liberty Hill - or any Goldberg Companies property.
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Liberty Hill

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