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Settlers Landing Apartments



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Cloudsabovenine • Resident 2003 - 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2005
I lived in Settler's from September of '03, until May of '05. My company relocated and 2 other coworkers moved in here as well. Both still live there without much complaints.<br><br>When I originally looked at the apartment I was quoted a price of $740/mo for a 1 bedroom in the newest building they had. My other coworkers had just signed leases for 2 bedroom units for around $600/mo. When I went back in to let them know I was serious about leasing, I brought 1 of my coworkers with me who had "gotten a deal" to let them know that I knew about their little magic calculator and to see what they could do. In the end I ended up getting the apartment for $690/mo. <br><br>The place was great looking and everything worked well. My first night, though, I found the first of many drawbacks: The heating/AC units are mounted in each apartment, rather than at the base of the building. Mine was infact in my bedroom, about 3 feet from my bed. For the first month I would get woken up out of my sleep when it kicked on. It was horrible. Also, the access panel was just a peice of drywall on a track with a screw through it. When I originally saw the apartment I asked them about this and was told it would have a finished look, when I complained of how it turned out, I was told that was all they could do.<br><br>My biggest peeve was that of many others, the noise. The walls here are paper thin. You've seen the movies where people bang on the ceiling with a broom to let the neigbors know to be quiet... well, I've done that here. In the mornings I knew whether or not my neighbor was running late based on when I heard her shower running, her toilet flushing, and the sound of her making breakfast or washing dishes.<br>I spoke with a young couple who lived on the first floor who were moving out just before me because of mold due to flooding...on a brand new building. They also complained of the noise.<br><br>In the winter, as others suggested, you better have ice skates. When I complained about the ice I was told that they do not salt the parking lots because if they did, they could be held liable for any slips or accidents, but since they dont, there's no guarantee of traction, so they cant be sued. I was appalled at this attitude. I had a 4 wheel drive jeep and still had many problems. The leasing agent lived in a ground floor apartment in our building and I once even had to pull her husband's truck off the ice with my jeep so he could get to work... even still, no salt.<br><br>In May I ended up buying a house and getting out of my lease. They told me that I would need to pay back all of the concessions for the months that I had been there since they were based on a 1 year comittment. That ended up being like $350 for rent discounts, plus the $250 or so for the free garage use they gave me (yes, normally you have to pay for it -$30/mo ). I thought it was rediculous, but since I had to give them a 1 full month security deposit in the beginning, I figured they could just deduct it out of that and I would cut my losses and move on. About a month later I received my security deposit back with only a $35 deduction for not returning the garage clicker, no big deductions like they threatened. I assume this place uses alot of scare tactics when people want to leave, but are still bound by the law and cant go writing their own. Its a shame for the other reviewer who missed out on his dream house because of this. Hopefully this will shed some light for others there.<br><br>There were some pluses to this complex though. The maintenance staff was great and trustworthy. Often times I would give them permission to enter my apartment while I was at work and everything was completed and clean by the time I got home. Also, there was a time when I was expecting a package and rather than having to pick it up at the office, the staff would ask if I wanted them to drop it just inside my door for me with my permission. <br>And the locked main door was a big plus for security purposes, although it stinks that the door buzzer only works if you have a home phone line. Having a cell phone I thought it was rediculous to have a $35/mo door buzzer, so ordering pizza and having company come over sometimes took some coordination.<br><br>All in all, if you can get a good deal, its not a bad place to live considering the amenities, but be aware that its not as perfect as the first impression appears. And try to negotiate on the rent - they told me they wouldnt because it was a new building, but I did... just tell them to bring out the old magic calculator and see what they can do.
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Settlers Landing Apartments

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