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Deerfield Run Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2007
although they entice you with central heating and ac included in your bill the maintanance is pretty slow, the buildings are in pretty bad shape, and its not too safe. there is literally only one maintanance guy for the entire complex (about 7 buildings). and when you tell the office about an issue with your unit they nod and say they'll be there, but they usually dont show until you go and harass the office. part of the reason for this is because they're very unorganized. if you go in with an issue they write the issue on a piece of scratch paper and they dont communicate with eachother on this. my unit not only leaked from the vents when i moved in, but the bathroom was disgusting when i moved in. there are holes in my floor boarding in the bathroom and the kitchen. and there was mold in my hallway closet that took them a couple weeks to clean up. and during the year someone urinated in the laundry facility and they didnt clean it up for at least 2 weeks, serious health risk because the stench sits in the hallways uncleaned. in terms of the safety; dont live here if you have children, are married, or are female. im a guy and i moved in by myself and i could deal with it (from south los angeles) but i got married in the middle of the year and i really worry about the safety of my wife. if she comes home late at night(dark outside) i walk her from the parking lot to our unit cuz i dont feel comfortable letting her walk by herself. im fairly certain there are dealers dealing late at night in the parking lots and from time to time you have to deal with really loud neighbors. but other than that (i think) this is a great place.
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Deerfield Run Apartments

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