Lake of The Woods
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Lake of The Woods

6633 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, OH 43615
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$717 - $988/mo



3.4 rating

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Resident 2020 - 2022


Disrespectful staff, run down buildings

I was called names, hung up on, and yelled at by multiple staff members including Jackie the manager because I was inquiring about my rent check not being cashed yet and said I was frustrated because i’d left them several voicemails without a call back. they said they don’t check their voicemail..strange. The apartments are so gross and run down, everything is fixed in a cheap and ineffective way.

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    prospectiveVisited 2016


    Don't Move Here. My husband and I have lived hear for a year and a half and are glad our lease in coming to an end. We are a very young couple with a daughter who is one. We by no means want anything perfect or had ridiculous expectations. Before I say my opinion, I'm not one to really complain or write a review. This place has been the absolute worst place. When we first moved in they said everything had been cleaned and fresh paint. We found cat litter in the carpet, the walls had yellowing because they allow people to smoke, and the cleaning job was just terrible. The maintenance guys clearly don't care. They paint over anything and everything that may be on the wall. There are hairs and pieces of tape and many other things underlying the last paint job. We had to have them re tile some of our shower within the first month and they flung grout everywhere leaving us to scrape it off the mirror and sink. The maintenance guys are so sloppy and do things the easiest/cheapest ways which is disappointing. We recently had water damage in our bathroom and still to this… See More>
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      Resident 2010 - 2015


      With the new management, this apartment has never been better! I'm very happy with this place now. They really seem to care a lot more and get problems fixed more quickly.

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        Resident 2015


        This place is a ----in ---- hole. When we moved in they did nothing to our apartment. There's yellow ---- all over the bathroom walls, smells like cat piss & there's nothing but bugs. We regret even moving here. I don't recommend anyone to move into lake of the woods. It's definitely not worth $615 a month. Yes, the space is good here but it's not a place i would want to grow a family in. The management here is horrible! You tell her about a problem you have, and she's telling you how to take care of it & giving idea's on what to buy. Why is it our responsibility to spend our money on something the manager should be taking care of, not us. Please, take your money & find a better, cleaner safe environment for you & your family. This post may seem harsh, but when your paying $615 a month you would think your apartment would be well taken care of & the manager when want to help others that come to her with complaints!

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          Resident 2012 - 2015


          I have lived here for about 3 years now. The first two years were great, but then management changed and I have had constant problems since then. Before if something in my apartment broke there was someone over to fix it in no less than a day or two. Now I have been waiting at least 3 months to get my problem fixed, and no matter how many times I go to the office to have them send someone to fix it, nothing is happening. The quality of service in these apartments has definitely declined in the past year.

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            Resident 2010 - 2014


            Lake of the woods is the best apartments ever! its always clean , well taken care of.. it is close to the mall, grocery stores and other shopping centers , every one is friendly and it is quiet...

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              Resident 2013


              I absolutely love it here! You pay basically nothing to move in. I live here with my boyfriend and my son and I have never felt unsafe by any means. During the day you can obviously hear the apartment next door, or traffic in the hallway but barely and by 9pm I swear its like someone hit a switch because you can't hear anything! The playground is great for my son, the pool is very nice, and the lake adds a lot of character to the property. They do welcome pets, but I never hear them, nor have i ever come in contact with their doodoo. The apartment itself is HUGE! Our two bedroom is almost 1100 sq ft and for such a great price & great part of town! The extra storage unit is actually in your apartment which is amazing, the dishwasher works great, and the windows bring in so much natural light.The only problem is when we moved in the blinds they provided were broken, and the bathtub was a little dirty with obvious water damage along the sides. The water pressure isn't all that great. The maintenance crew is great, you call and they're there within a… See More>
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                Resident 2011 - 2013


                I have loved my stay at Lake of the Woods. The apartments are a nice size with lots of charm. The grounds are beautiful in the summer/fall; people fishing in the pond and walking their dogs. I would definitely recommend these apartments. I am not from Toledo and was unsure of which areas are in good neighborhoods, but I have always felt safe and secure in these apartments. The price is great and the neighbors are mostly friendly. The maintenance is crazy quick; I put in a work order one time and theey were there within a half hour! Honestly, this has been my best apartment experience. I am trying to give my most honest review so that it helps others to see what nice apartments they are. My one negative is that in the summer, the cooling was not efficient at all. We had to run the air for hours before we felt it cooling down, and had to run it all day to keep cool (to be fair, we were in an upper apartment). Our electricity bill was more than double for June, July, August than what… See More>
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                  Resident 2013


                  these are the worst apartments I've ever lived in. apartments are poorly built. there's mold which requires many trips by maintenance, they never fix it. it comes back with a vengeance. i'm not the only one who thinks this, it looks like. there are too many positive reviews, i'm not sure where they came from. there is no pool at lake of the woods, just a smelly lake. people are not often out. i smelled marijuana smoke in the hallways, yes i know what that smells like. disgusting! and people never pick up after their dogs. the manager is hardly ever there. i came one day around 10, then again at 1, then 4, she was never there. this is my honest review, please don't rent these. it's a duty as a former resident to give an honest opinion, that's what this website is for. you can find nicer apartments elsewhere, that are cleaner. i pay less rent at my current place and it's much better now and i've never had these problems. and if you own a dog, may have to pay a little more somewhere else but it would be worth it and there probably wouldn't… See More>
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                    Resident 2011 - 2012


                    My husband and I have lived here for almost a full year, and we have really loved living here. The community is so wonderful and friendly, and we have had very few problems with the apartment we rented. I believe the only complaints I have would be the hallway in the complex we live in, upstairs (we live upstairs) has a very foul smell to it. Halfway up the stairs it just hits you in the face. (It could be worse too, because I am pregnant lol). And the only thing I have seen management do to help is put out air fresheners, which dont really do anything but add a fruity smell to the nasty mix. Also, the parkinglot infront of our bldg floods really bad when it rains, so either you walk through a huge puddle to get to your car, or through the grass. Also the main door to the bldg doenst lock, but we have never felt unsafe, and have never had any problems with break ins or strange people in the hallways. I have always felt safe in my apartment. Other than that, my husband and I have no complaints. We live in the smaller… See More>
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                      Look Elsewhere

                      I have lived at LOTW for 2 years now. I would not recommend this complex to anyone that I know. The buildings themselves are outdated and generally in poor condition. There have been multiple occasions where the police have had to be on the property, as the people who live here aren't of very high quality. I have also had problems with the window screens and the air/heating systems. The screens in my windows have fallen out over 6 times in 2 years and each time they come and put in the same worn screens that don't seem to fit properly. Then in a month they have fallen out again. The heating/air unit is made by Coleman (I'd assume 20-25 years ago)and both years I have lived here I have had to call maintenance because the heat doesn't work in the winter and the air doesn't work in the summer. It's an enormous hassle that could be avoided if the building was up to date and if the maintenance/managerial staff didn't take the cheap and quick way out. The same is true about the Bathroom. The hot water lasts 3-4 minutes on a good day, the drain does not work properly… See More>
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                        Resident 2004 - 2012


                        Good price, good area, good people

                        I have been at Lake of the Woods for seven out of my fifteen years of renting. Obviously after renewing my lease six times, I have really had very few issues living here. I have lived in a two and one bedroom here and both units have been spacious, clean, and fairly up to date. The grounds are beautiful as well too especially in the summer! The maintenance guys are super friendly and always respond to my calls within 24 hours if not sooner! The lady who has been in the office for the past three years is a complete 180 from the other woman who had been there previously. She always knows my name, responds to my problems promptly, and just acts like she cares that I live here. Other than the smell of the mulch place next door in the summer and some lazy dog owners I have no reason to complain!

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                          Resident 2011


                          Awful Apartments

                          Not very high quality...Spend a little extra and feel safer somewhere else.

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                            Resident 2011


                            Why even have the lady in the office work at all?

                            There is never a good time to talk to the 1 woman that works in the office. She is condescending, not helpful, likes to take leisurely walks with her headphones on during her office hours, and has no problem telling you that she doesn't think something is "her problem." In the case I'm talking about it's with security on the grounds that is completely lacking. They failed to notify the residents that there was a string of break-ins going on within the grounds. Don't waste your money. Go elsewhere. I will be reporting the negligent office lady to the owner of the apartment facility, because they might as well just leave the office empty. After the lease is up (which won't go fast enough), we will be moving out.

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                              Resident 2011


                              Easiest Move Ever!

                              I recently moved from out of state to Lake of the Woods and I couldn't be happier. The manager assisted me with more than what I can imagine is required of her. When I arrived in town the unit was spotless and exactly as it was shown online. She came in after hours to do my lease signing with me and already had made my copies so it was a breeze! I wanted to take this time to give them props! I had no idea where anything was at in Toledo and I couldn't be happier with my apartment or my location!

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                                prospectiveVisited 2011


                                Want an Apartment...please respond if interested in leaving

                                I am looking to get an apartment but they have been full for a few months now:( The location, price, size is perfect for me. Have had several friends and co-workers there that love it! Please e-mail if you are you looking to sub-lease!

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                                  Resident 2011



                                  I am surprised this apartment had such great reviews. The complex I lived in had neighbors moving in or out constantly. I had drug dealers living across from me at one point and had cops showing up quite a few times. There is dog poop EVERYWHERE and they don't provide bags to pick them up and people aren't courteous enough to pick it up. There was a big mold problem and the manager acted like there was nothing wrong. There was mold on the wall that you could clearly see and she said she even stopped by our apartment and didn't see anything. The kids were constantly screaming and always knocked on our windows and teased my dog. They came up to him once to pet him and once of them pulled on his tail. He was at a point where he was becoming afraid of most children. For someone with a pet, I want to live somewhere where people respect my pets. I actually do clean up after them and take good care of them. I wish I was forewarned by the irresponsible parents who lived there that their children were badly behaved.… See More>
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                                    Resident 2010 - 2011


                                    Love this place!

                                    Me and my roommate moved in last summer into a 3 bedroom for $675 that included a washer and dryer. It was the only vacant apartment, but since the 3 bedroom unit was cheaper than most 2 bedroom units at other places, we took it! It was the best deal we found, $337 per person was very affordable for us. Plus, the extra room was great for storage! The appliances in our apartment weren't new and did break a few times, but the maintenance was fast to fix any problems we had, even replaced our fridge the same day it broke! The staff was very personalble and helpful. Never had any problems with theft, for my car or my apartment. I recommend this place to everyone! Its very affordable, and a nice, safe place to live! Its hardly ever has openings because no one ever wants to leave, so if you find a vacant room I would put that down payment on it asap!

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                                      Resident 2008 - 2010


                                      Wish I still lived there

                                      I lived at Lake of the Woods from January 2008 to June 2010 and I wish I had never left. I moved into a more expensive property and with more money got a lot more problems then I ever had at Lake of the Woods. I recently tried to move back in but they have been full for the last few months. I love the neighborhood and the grounds were always immaculate. The manager there was so sweet and I miss her courtesy and professionalism. If anybody wants to move out of a two bedroom there let me know:)

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                                        Resident 2009 - 2011


                                        This is about the nicest placed I have lived

                                        I am a current resident here. I love living here. there are some things that are out of the managements control but there is some things they need to fix. yes there is section 8 apartments in the back corner where i live. you can't park your car near the fence cause people break in them if it seems you have something nice. People rarely pick up after there dog so i avoid the grass. I see a guy that walks around the community in the morning with a pooper scooper and bag but he isn't picking up anything..... There is a group of people by the lake that party almost every night on warm nights with there kids. The lake smells bad. My dog loves water and he jumped in it part way and he ended up getting mange that of which i have been fighting currently. the vet said there are several pets from my apartments that got mange. my neighbor got rid of her dog cause it cost her to much money. I pay $675 for a 3 bedroom with a dog on the 2nd floor. Its a great price for springfield schools. I love the school… See More>
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                                          Resident 2007 - 2009


                                          very happy

                                          shopped for far this is the best i could find..good location..manager bends over to help...any day fix....renewing my lease next week

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                                            Resident 2008 - 2009


                                            you get what you pay for

                                            wow, imagine a 3 bedroom apt for $655, with a washer and dryer room in your apartment, all you have to buy is the washer and dryer and you can get those cheap second hand. Perfect, or so I thought. the walls are so thin, you can hear your neighbor go to the bathroom, which in turns means, they can hear you as well. the tub in mine was nasty on the bottom, it looked like they had painted over it, which was peeling off, and felt too nasty on your feet to imagine how nasty it would feel if you took a bath and sat on it. however, the mirror in the bathroom was large, the counter space in there great. A huge walk in closet with a window in the master bedroom. wow, right, wrong. it sucked in so much freezing cold air in the winter, it gave you goosebumps to step into. onto the second bedroom, smaller than I had hoped, but adequate. the third bedroom is a joke, its slightly larger than the closet in the master bedroom. its long and narrow, maybe you could fit a twin size in it, but I would use it… See More>
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                                              prospectiveVisited 2009


                                              great manager who helps alot...beautiful lake

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                                                Resident 2007 - 2008


                                                I lived here for about a year and liked it very much. There is a washer and dryer in each building and always enough parking. Very pet friendly. The units are a bit outdated, but the space you get for the money you pay is well worth it. There is also PLENTY of closet space. We were able to store a full-sized pool table in the storage closet off the entry door, and a lot of other crap too! Management and maintenance were also very friendly and helpful throughout my lease. My only complaint (and I don't know if this applies to each unit) is that not all of the bedrooms are cable/Internet ready. This can be annoying if you want a TV and Internet access in each bedroom and don't want to rely on wireless all the time. The cable company told us we could have a line installed in the 2nd bedroom with written permission from management, but we never asked because we didn't want to pay the cable company's fee of $150 for it.

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                                                  Resident 2008 - 2009


                                                  good place to live

                                                  I have lived there for almost a year and I have had no problems except for a leaky sink they fixed. Cupboards are a little outdated and not very well insulated but is pretty inexpensive for the square footage compared to most places. A lot of storage in the one bedrooms. I have had no problems with noise. Great about having dogs, just about everyone has one. Overall, it is nice place to live.

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                                                    Asked on: 03/19/2018
                                                    Q: Can you hear your neighbors?

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                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
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                                                    Lake of The Woods is an apartment in Toledo in zip code 43615. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $988. Nearby cities include Sylvania, Holland, Ottawa Lake, Maumee, and Temperance.

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