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Riviera Maia Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
It sounds to me like the management wrote some of these reviews to boost their image. My husband and I lived here for one year and couldn't wait to get out of our lease! <br><br>To start with, when our lease was signed, the assistant, Lewis, changed our rental rate and lease length so we had to get Robin to change it for us. When we moved in, our bedroom window had a huge crack in it which we reported numerous times throughout the year and it was never fixed. The maintenance crew was fairly worthless. They were rarely timely and almost never knew what they were doing. Lots of things were installed incorrectly. We were occasionally left with half finished projects in our living room. The maintenance crew occasionally smoked in the halls as well. <br><br>The "3 million dollar renovation" isn't at all what it sounds like. Yes, kitchens and some baths were remodeled, but everything was replaced with the worst off-brand junk possible. We paid for a window A/C unit and the first time we turned it on (the maintenance guy was still in the apartment) the control crumbled in my hand. The new windows are single-paned so they don't keep the apartment warm. The heating ducts are made entirely of insulation foam which falls apart, so if the thermostat read 90 but you were freezing it just meant the foam opened up again. They installed buzzboxes to let guests in, but put them on the street side, not the parking lot side, so they were useless.<br><br>Safety was our biggest complaint. When we moved in we were assured by Robin that there was 24 hour security. What they meant was there's an officer living in the complex so if you call the police you'll get a quick response if there's no one on duty. Security during the daytime/late night was the maintenance crew by the way. Of the innumerable times we called "security" for various things, they only showed up once. To their credit, we never actually reported crime, mostly blaring music at night, dumpster theives, and similar misdemeanors. <br><br>We had 3 neighbors (below us, next door to us, and below that apartment) who frequently played loud music at all times of day and night. Some of these people were too scary to talk to in person. The management never confronted them. After months of repeat incidents, the police threatened heavy fines and the noise was reduced, but not thanks to Riviera Maya at all. It didn't help matters that the walls were as thin as paper. Standing close to a wall you could hear people in the next apartment talking. I would hope we just got unlucky, but 3 out of 8 apartments in our building were at fault... not good odds. <br><br>And to add insult to injury, they make you clean your own carpets or have them cleaned at your expense before you leave. <br><br>The only thing I would recommend about Riviera Maya is the price. It's not close to UT so it doesn't even make for good student housing.
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Riviera Maia Apartment Homes

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