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Deer Run at Beckett Ridge



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
Like the title says STAY AWAY! This place could very well be your death trap, that is if you like to take a shower or bath on a daily basis. when my family and I moved in we let the manager know about a crack in the tub that was leaking water to the guest bathroom on the first floor, management said " the tub is not leaking and someone must have spashed water onto the ceiling of the guest bath on the first floor." Over the course of one year the spot and the crack have grown, I had let management know on repeated times that the water stain was growning larger. Managements anserw was that it might be a roof leak and that they would get around to it. They have scence ripped out the ceiling in the first floor guest bath and have left it open for the past month still not fixxed. As far as the tub I am still being told that they can not get anyone out to fix the tub and that I should try looking in the yellow pages to find someone. Thats rite you read this correctly I was told to look in the yellow page to try and find someone to come out and fix the tub. I was also told that I should not use the tube because I weigh over 200 lbs and that I may fall through the tub, and no I am not a morbadle obease person I am of an average build. Now let talk about the neighbor hood in general or as I like to call it the hood. On any given night durring the summer or school year there are moaming packs of teenager who have no regaurd for personal property or camuntiy property, they roam the complex till midnight or later make this place seem more like OVER THE RINE than West Chester, and on two occations I had my life threatened, by one of the teens and by a parent of a teen because I said something to his teen age daughter about driving through the complex at 35mph when the posted limit is 10mph, she had almost hit one pre-school aged child with her car the night before. Now on to the parking, god forbid you should own more than one car or truck, because if you do you will find yourself have to park in the church parking lot about quarter of a mile down Becket road and then haveing to walk home, why you may ask, because all of your unemployed neighbors own 3 to 4 cars and never move them. On some of the units there is an attached tool shed, that management try's to tell you is a garage. but if you try and park you car in the tool shed you will find that you have to clime through the trunk to get out of your car because you can not open you door enough to even squeeze you not so fat --- out. All and all this has been the worst place that I have ever lived and I spent a year in IRAQ with the US Army. I fear for my kids to go out and play for fear that they will be run down by one of these teens that drive through here like Dale Ernheart. I am almost glad that I can't find a spot to park because my wife and I have found our cars damaged by the pack of teens that roam the complex at night. So in closing please I beg you read this do not live here do not move in here STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Deer Run at Beckett Ridge

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