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Deer Run at Beckett Ridge



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
The following are issues that we've had since we've moved here about one year ago. People that we've talked to through-out the year all agree on these following issues: Parking: It's ridiculous! Yes, it's true; each unit comes with a driveway and a "garage". When we moved in, we were told that we also have an extra parking spot in front of our unit. Little did we know that she told our neighbors the same thing, so we are all fight for that spot. As far as the "garage" goes, there is no way in Hades that you can park a car in there and get out of your car. I've noticed that almost NO ONE in the complex parks their car in the garage...it's nothing but extra storage. Noise: During nice days and summer months, there are packs and packs of teenagers that roam about the already crowded streets. They are up even late into the night being loud, smoking who knows what on the corners (sitting on those electrical or utility boxes around the grounds), and just annoying. While driving through the complex on any given nice afternoon, you will find these kids walking down the middle of the street, and will NOT move out of the way for you. Oh, and it's not just teenagers, either. Just last week, two children (not more than 5 years old) rang my doorbell and just stood there when I asked them if they needed anything. Then, they ran away to go and ring the next few doorbells. Completely unsupervised children. And don't bother calling the office. Karen already knows about the problem and says the only way to fix it is to get the names of the kids doing it. I'm sure you see the problem there. Grounds: The grounds are kept up very nicely. They mow the lawn once a week and put down new mulch every spring. After trash day, however, there is trash EVERYWHERE. Drive by after trash pick-up on Wednesdays late mornings and you'll see what I mean. Our only maintance guy is usually found doing his best to pick up the trash. Overall, nothing too speical about the grounds. Saftey: A few months after we moved in, our place was broken in to. They came in through the basement window and stole $1000s of dollars worth of stuff while we were at work. We immediately called the police and they came it and took a look around. Long story short, they deteremined it was kids who did it, and left us because there were 3 other places broken into in the complex. Before they left, we asked if they get a lot of calls for this complex, and they said over the last year, the criminal activies of this place has increased over the last year. Construction: The buildings are in pretty good shape. A few shingles and roofing issues here and there after the wind storm, but they fixed them pretty quickly. The units are all duplexs, and I have to admit, the walls must either be super thick or our neighbors are extremely quiet, because we haven't heard anything from next door. Maintainance: I only know of one maintanince guy, Brian. He is excellent and does a great job. He's very accessible if you need anything, and does things quickly. He's probably the only bright spot about this whole place. Staff: Karen is the manager of this place, and the only contact you'll have about ANYTHING while you live here. She sure did tell us a lot of fibs to get us to sign that piece of paper. She is also not very flexible even if you're going to be a day late with your rent AND you give them advanced notice. She also just not a very caring person in general. She is a horribly bad smoker (not knocking smokers at all) and when you take a look at the model, it smell like smoke....BADLY! When you call about a noise issue, she not helpful at all. She won't confess to the noise problem until after you move in, of course. She's not very professional and I would say the level of service is extremely low. Overall: These two story townhouses are 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, kitchen with eat-in dining room, an unfinished basement for laundry and storage, and a "one car garage". The rooms are very small, espeically the living room. Your backyard consists of a small slab of cement and a couple of fences. There is not grass or yard for the kids to play in. Please do not move here, I don't care how bad off you are or great of a deal you think you'll get by moving here. We thought all of those things before we moved in only to find ourselves in this mess now. If you don't believe me, call the West Chester Police station and ask about the DEER RUN AT BECKETT RIDGE area. Oh, and don't be fooled by the Mill Creek side of the complex. Yes, it is much, much nicer over on that side, but those are condos for sale....very rarely do people rent those nice condos.
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Deer Run at Beckett Ridge

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