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Kingsgate Village Apartments

7913 Cox Road

West Chester, OH 45069



Resident · 2015 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Awful place. Do not move here. There is no office to speak of. Only a number to call, which no one answers most of the time. When you do get an answer, it's always the same guy who has no answers and will claim to call you back with answers, but never will. You have to call back many times to get anything done. Maitenence will flat out not show up to appointments, it takes multiple attempts to even get someone to show up. Took 3 visits to fix a toilet issue which was actually a pretty simple thing. Had AWFUL neighbors for 5 months or so, who were not kicked out even after an EVICTION. They still didn't leave after evicted and nothing was done. Their kids were noisy, stole things from people's yards, left toys in front of people's doors and in their yards, they had pets (this is a no pet apartment complex, the website misinforms about this) you name it. It took way too long to do something about them. They are doing upgrades, but only focusing on vacant apartments and doing nothing for current residents. All of the laundry facilities here were closed for over a month because they lost the key to the coin box. No compensation whatsoever. Have had neighbors who have had water damage and flooding. Nothing being done for weeks on end.... yet they can do all of this remodeling. Do not be fooled by the great location... that is all it has going for it. This is my first apartment. Only been here for about 8 months and already itching to get out as soon as the lease is up. Seriously, I'm not someone who is writing a bad review just because of a single bad experience. It has been multiple inexcusable bad experiences with no solutions, compensation, or explanation whatsoever. Do not put yourself through the unprofessionalism of this place!
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Kingsgate Village Apartments

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