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Lakes At West Chester



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
Boy, this is an annoying apartment complex. We've lived here about six months and it's nothing to write home about, definitely not compared to our last apartment complex out of state. That said, it's probably among the best in the area, with the added bonus that they allow big dogs, which is very hard to find around here. We never have trouble finding a parking spot, but the complex is terribly lit. The lamps work in the hallway outside our apartment door but not along the road - about half of them are burned out and there aren't enough anyway. It's a pretty quiet place, but it's easy to hear music if absolutely anyone is playing it. Plus, there's occasional talking that carries through the walls. Not a huge deal but it drives my husband crazy. A/C bills are outrageous for a 1/1! Yes, A/C... in Ohio. The appliances are very, very crappy. They work okay but our dishwasher is missing some of the bars on the upper rack, and the refrigerator leaks on and off. There's one really sweet front office worker but the rest, including maintenance, are pretty standoffish. There's only three washers and three dryers in the shared laundry space, and it's $1.50/load. I have to run the dryer twice or split it into two loads because they don't dry very well. The grounds are beautiful, and I love all the paths and sidewalks in the neighborhood. No complaints there! Just an FYI as well - the balconies on the second floor are not covered, which is very inconvenient, and there's no outlet outside like I've had at past apartments. They nickel and dime you for pet rent, water setup, etc., and you can only use Time Warner Cable for whatever obnoxious reason, but they don't even provide fire extinguishers. This place could be worse but it could be a lot better.
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Lakes At West Chester

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