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Lakes At West Chester



Resident · 2014 - 2016
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Office Staff
This used to be a nice place to live, it really was. Now due to lack of any kind of property management whatsoever it has turned into a dreadful place; not to mention expensive. They advertise the apartments as 'luxury apartments' but they are not. The windows leak, the walls are thin, the air conditioners are undersized, in short, an energy cost nightmare. I will agree that they used to be a lot nicer, but they seem reluctant to spend money to keep the place up to the standards of a true luxury apartment complex. To make matters worse, the onsite management is lazy, ineffective, and virtually non-existent. The noise levels between apartments are horrendous, and your phone calls and emails to management will not get returned. The police seem to be here often now, and even they complain about the lack of property management. Again, management views their job and responsibilities as merely rent collectors. Sadly, you can't reason with them, they couple their ineptness at property management with unabashed apathy. They will not address any issues, so, in the end, you will be paying a fortune to live in an unsafe, obnoxious community. Without management, places like this are simply not worth the money. They have absolutely no checks and balances in place for vetting applicants and as a result, the property is overrun with bad elements that cause problems for others that want to live in peace. The management is all about the money and keeping the apartments rented, and they will let anyone in which has led to crime, noise, and dissatisfied residents. It's really a shame because it wasn't like this before, they used to have a staff that cared. However, Summit is constantly changing management and the staff that they have now are people that simply glorified rent collectors. It's has become a zoo, and no one seems to care anymore. If you think for a moment that living here and paying the premium price will afford you better living, it simply isn't true. Find a house, rent a condo, do anything but avoid this place. It doesn't take a Harvard degree to understand that once bad tenants realize that no one cares what they do, they do as they please. If that is how you want to live, then you don't need to pay the high dollar rent that you will pay here. You can live in a $500 apartment and get the same quality of living, or lack thereof. You have to ask yourself, what good are the amenities if you can't sleep at night or park your car outside safely? You need to understand that the lease that you sign has no other purpose than to generate revenue when you leave. They will support or enforce no other aspect of your lease other than the penalties for breaking it. All the other elements of being a good tenant are summarily dismissed. They truly don't care what you do, or what you do to your neighbors once you sign. As long as you pay your rent, and pay the large 2-3k fine when you finally get fed up and leave, they seem to be happy. I would avoid moving here at all costs. I simply wish I had left earlier. Don't be fooled by the outside appearance, it was a beautiful place, but now rotten to the core underneath. The management absolutely does not have your best interest in mind. They are solely interested in high dollar short-term leases and keeping their occupancy numbers high. Fortunately for them, there is a constant flow of people into West Chester and a shortage of apartments.
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Lakes At West Chester

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