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Lakes At West Chester



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
As much as i love this community, it has become really difficult to live here. We've been residents of The Lakes since 2014. When we just moved in to a two-bedroom apartment, there was a different management of the property, two very nice and efficient ladies. The location is perfect. Unfortunately, a year or two after we moved in here management changed, and ever since it has become and is getting worse and worse, as much as i hate to acknowledge it. We switched from our two-bedroom to a one-bedroom in 2018 simply because we never even used the second bedroom and it was a waste. And that's where it all started that i absolutely fell out of love with the management and an apartment. They didn't change the carpet before we moved in, and it was a very old and used carpeting, it was so visible that it had been walked on for at least 3-4 years, so gross. Dishwasher isn't working properly, it just doesn't drain water, so the dishes still get that left-over of washing water. Disposable... just never works. Doesn't drain, doesn't dispose. Drawers in the kitchen cabinets are all so old that the bottoms have that not straight shape and you can see a hole, and they have holes in the cabinets on the outside part from the previous residents. As i continued my tour around the apartment with that check-list i found a huge crack in the wall next to the tub, plastic walls in the tub have that mold in the seems so i cannot get rid of it for already a year. I can only continue... As soon as we switched the apartment and i noticed all of that bad stuff, i asked the office so many times to fix it all, but nothing was ever done. And yes, i did hive a quick look to the unit before we moved but never did such a thorough inspection because we've lived here for 4 yrs already and never had any problems, that first apartment was spotless (well, it was a different management back then too), and we (my husband and i) used to trust them.The quality of the amenities is just awful, this is "luxury" apartments and definitely is NOT worth the rental price!
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Lakes At West Chester

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