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The Highlands of West Chester

6615 Fountains Boulevard

West Chester, OH 45069



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Office Staff
SB1025 • Resident 1993 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/17/2005
I've been a resident since my parents moved here when I was six. I'm twenty-one now. Yes, really 15 years, we're veteran residents! So really this is the only home I've known. The grounds are as nice and well kept as they were back in 1990, perhaps even nicer. Yes, I know there were a couple of fountains back in the day that don't function now(they have since been filled in; which I think is smart anyway due to the fact that many children play around there and the fountains could've been hazardous). Safety over scenery. There are some seedy characters that come out at night but nothing dangerous, that I know of anyway. The parking lots are always lit and cops are constantly on patrol, so it's probably as safe as anywhere. Oh, if you want a good parking place then it's best to come home before ten otherwise you might have to park across the street but I'm just going by personal experience. There's really nothing to gripe about. The staff are real helpful, particulary the maintenance crew. Hardest workers I've ever seen; always kind enough to lend a helping hand to the tenants. Actually we moved from one apartment into another and one of the maintenance guys (the COOLEST one, might I add) single-handedly moved our furniture in. THANKS a BILLION! You know who you are, there's no way we could've done it without you ;) ! Anyway compared to others, this place is as nice in every aspect as it was fifteen years ago (minus the street gangs that were here in the early 90s; which is good)! It's good service, good atmosphere (could use a tetherball though) but I'll miss the place when I move out.
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The Highlands of West Chester

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