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West Chester Place Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2006
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Office Staff
The apartments are well built considering they are 16years old. The size is unbeatable and there is alot of closet and storage space. They are quieter than some apartments I've been in. Considering that some of the tenants are lazy and throw trash on the ground, the management tries to keep the grounds neat.<br>You have to consider the name that these are (were) "Luxury" apartments, but I believe the owners need to invest in their property or sell it.Some of the appliances and carpets have been in the apartments since they were built and do need to be replaced.<br><br>The manager of the complex quite frankly is hardly available to the tenants most of the time. You call the office and nine times out of ten you get their answering service. You write notes for maintenance requests they do get back to you reasonably. Trying to get them to replace something is horrible though, it's as if they don't believe you or they are not wanting to invest any money. There's always some excuse or another as to why it is not replacable or they just won't. We were lied to about the age of the appliances or if they've replaced some things. For example, we were told that appliances were only a few years old when in fact they were like 16 years old. When you ask questions there is some evasion from the answer. Telling you something is new when it's not, is poor business and misleading. <br>As far as a maintenance division there is none. This is a family owned and operated complex. The family work on the property and the owner attempts to fix alot of the problems, but it's at their own pace and inconvenience to the tennants. There is no professional service unless it's something they can't repair themselves.<br><br>They need to consider hiring professional maintenance and provide an accessable manager on the property 6 days a week instead of having the children come in and work on the property and have their daughter managing the complex. <br><br>As far as the pool, it does need to be relined and put in a new filtration pump, and keep it maintained. They recently repaired the pool leak, but we have not seen anything outstanding in relining the pool it's actually got metal siding like aluminum. The bottom is painted white, and when they were repairing the leak they actually had the water drained and there the bottom white part had a brownish residue on it. The least they could of done was to repaint the bottom of the pool with either white or blue so that it makes the pool inviting. I never seen them skimming or brushing it. I personally will not go in it until they start keeping it up. The bushes nearby are a haven for mosquitos. The lot is also in need of repair. The surface lot is cracking and has pot holes throughout the property. The ground has settled and the entrance step on some of the buildings are at least 14 to 18 inches high to get to the landing of the front door. I watch my neighbors struggle to step up. They've ask management to add an additional step or raise the walkway up and they won't. They need to either realign the walkway with the step to those buildings, add another step, or install hand railings to help those who can't get up the high step. Some people may not be as physically capable to step that high.<br>As far as the grounds they do landscape and mow frequently, but with the green belt surrounding the property needs to be sprayed for bugs, there are alot of bugs in the shrubery and mosquitos because of the low lying areas of the property that hold water and surrounding property.<br>These were(can be) beautiful top class apartments, but they are slowly deteriorating due to the lack of care they are receiving. I think the management (owners) have completed their tax write-off's on the complex and they probably have a clear deed. They just don't want to invest the time or money to keep them up...But they sure want to charge you luxury prices to rent them.<br><br> Hopefully the owners will read this and really make an effort to improve their investment; that's if they care. And if they don't, just sell the complex to a management company and retire!
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West Chester Place Apartments

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