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Fairway Lakes



Resident · 2016 - 2018
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Office Staff
Fairway Lakes looks nice on the outside, but what you don't know is what goes on inside. The maintenance man Tad is the only good part about living here. He is as prompt as he can be, although things only get half fixed because of how old the apartment is. Everything is half-done and it shows. Counter tops are spray painted so it chips off regularly, almost all the front of the drawers in kitchen and bathroom have fallen off, carpet was never replaced when we moved in and you could smell cat pee, dishwasher leaks (Tad has put a seal on it 3 times and it keeps breaking), screen doors are junk as they fall off every time you open it and STILL to this day do not have one for the upstairs sliding door (been there since August and said it was ordered when we moved in), and insulation is crap therefore making the heat run constantly making our gas bill almost 100 dollars a month (only 2 people living here!). Also, when I put in work orders (like for blinds that broke because the string frayed (not our fault)) they forget to even write it down! 2 weeks go by and I come to see if they were ever coming to fix my blinds and they didn't even have the order! As soon as I saw him right it down 2 days later Tad promptly came and switched them out! :) Another issue that we have is that they like to put stickers on cars as "going to be towed" on cars that look inoperable such as a flat tire or wrecked. It states in the lease that IF it is inoperable it is not allowed on the premises. If its wrecked and running how does that make it inoperable? My car got a sticker to get towed because of some rust! No where does it say in the lease rust is not allowed. Also there is not enough parking for 2 cars per building because some households have 3 and 4 cars parked making the people who have 2 cars park on the busy street! And they have chosen not to violate them and it states in the lease that 2 cars per household are allowed. And the messed up part about things you are not allowed to do (as stated in the lease) is that they pick and choose who they want to violate. Not allowed to work on cars in parking spots or in garages (as stated in the lease), but yet right down from me is a whole garage where they are CONSTANTLY working on cars. Where's their violation??? Last year there used to a groundskeeper that kept the grounds and area around the dumpsters clean. She is gone now and the grounds are ridiculous. Poop stations are always full, dumpsters are overflowing and have trash all over the place and I live right in front of a dumpster so that makes a difference. Because the poop stations are always full is that why people don't pick up after their pets? You constantly have to watch for poop mounds every two seconds when you walk through grass. Ridiculous and disgusting. Lastly, the rent goes up every time you resign a new lease. Who does that? So that is why we had to move to a different townhouse inside the same complex, last August, so we could have our rent stay the same instead of them just not making our rent go up. We had to do that because the cost of living here is outrageous. Only good part about the high cost of rent is that you get New Albany schools which is great, but still don't think it is worth it. IT IS NOT WORTH IT TO LIVE HERE!!!! Hopefully they don't say it's against the law to write this review because I'm just voicing my opinion of their business!! :)
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Fairway Lakes

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