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Fairway Lakes



Resident · 2016 - 2018
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Office Staff
Today I visited the website of the apartment complex to check dimensions only to see the newly upgraded version of what the older residents have. It seems a bit of a sham to see these pictures of modern looking counters, cabinets and appliances, beautiful WHITE walls (as opposed to the terrible yellow, (I mean it's an awful hue and the worst paint job I've ever seen...smh) knowing that the interiors look nothing like what is shown AND it's a tragedy that someone next door to you could have a beautiful place while yours is still awful aside from your own decor. The outside of the apartments look a little odd (the paint scheme) but THAT is the ONE thing that has improved for all residents. Unfortunately if you have a yard, the grass is cut every TWO weeks so if you want to sit out there or entertain you have to base it around that schedule otherwise you have grass to your knees. The solid scamming of the agents who make it seem like they are giving you something major when you ask for simple things like- cut my grass more regularly, or upgrade my bathroom, or carpet makes it seem like residents are asking too much even as they upgrade vacant apartments nearby. It just makes little sense and that's why I couldn't recommend a friend. If they moved here- do they get what they see at my place or what's on the website? It's just a bit ridiculous. But the neighbors. They're fine. You just have to be careful because kids run freely and ride bikes in the streets without parental supervision.
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Fairway Lakes

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