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280 Barkley Place West, Whitehall, OH 43213
280 Barkley Place West, Whitehall, OH 43213

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Shaker Square

280 Barkley Place West

Whitehall, OH 43213



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/03/2012
Office is never open, Manager and assist. manager are rude. Once you take the time out of your day to go to the office to talk to them (beacuase they never answer the phone) the office is either closed or they act too busy to spend time to work things out. I always feel like I am in their way. I pay my rent on time every month but I constantly get threatening notes on the door regarding issues that dont relate to my family. They seem to have inspections as much as 2 or 3 times a month. They tell you to keep patio clear of weeds but dont feel like their property is my responsiblity since I am renting and they have contracted landscapers. They allow the kids to run around unsupervised ( even kids under 3 and older) in the parking lots. The kids will sit on their bikes in the middle of the streets and then give you dirty looks for driving by. There has been several breaks in and but mangement turns their noses up at it. People have domestic fights in the common yards. The children pick you flowers in your patio area, break your garden decorations, taunt our pets in the windows, they have absolutely no parental envolvement what so ever. They climb in and around the dumbster playing with trash and stringing it all over the property along with littering as they play. Every day there is homeless people digging through the dumpsters and conversating with the unspervised children. The pool is not functioning, yet the rent was increased as much as 50 a month at renewal and my dishwasher is still not working after several requests for it to be fixed which I have been dealing with since day one. The property is rampid with roaches (never in my life have I EVER had to deal with bugs) They use a pest control company that uses toxic chemicals to treat them but I had to refuse due to my small children and pets living in the home! Nightmare! turn and leave!
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Shaker Square

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