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Resident · 2011 - 2012
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I have had nothing but problems at this place. First the only reason we rented here was because we got screwed on a land contract deal and lost all our savings on it. We decided to rent at Sandhurst because we did not have to have a deposit. We explained we weren't going to be there long just to get back on our feet then we would be trying for another house cause we have 4 kids. The lady said as long as we gave a 2 month notice we would be fine. Then came the nieghbors constantly complaining about our kids being loud. Then we were told our kids were not allowed to play outside but yet nieghber kids were always running around screaming. It was like a prison. There late fees are rediculous and i even told the manager lady i was gonna be late on the rent and that it would be pd on 19th instead of the first and this ----- takes us to court and tacked on 200 $'s of late fees. 2 days before i said i would have the money. ----- acts nice till you sign the papers then totally changes. I would not recommend this place to someone i hate. Also had big problems with mold and never was fixed. once we moved the slipped a paper in my door and it said i had to buy my lease out which was never explained to me. all i was told was i needed to turn in a 60 day notice. RENTER beware of this place!
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