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Council Crossing



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
This place is now called Council Crossing, but don't be fooled by the new "renovations" and all this BS. They "renovated" a lot of the buildings, if not all of them. They did not do a very good job, and are still working on 3 of the buildings. So there is glass and wood with nails in it laying around everywhere. Because of the continued renovations, I didn't get a mail box with mail key until I had already been living there for a few months. When I got neighbors below me, they were terrible. Always yelling all the time. I actually saw them beat up on their little boy in the back seat of their car, made his nose bleed and everything. They smoke pot and cigarettes in the apartment every day with the kid in the apartment, and don't even open the windows. So my apartment smelled like pot and cigarettes all the time. Told the office and they didn't do anything about it. Maintenance is also very shoddy. I had a few maintenance calls, all of which were not even finished or not addressed at all. The most important one being that the heater kept tripping the breaker, even when it was on for only 10 minutes. I knew someone who was a licensed heat and air contractor. He helped me find out that it was the wire coming from the heater to the breaker box being too small that was my problem. This can cause fires! I tried to tell the office about it, even provided pictures proving that the wires were too small, but they just sent a maintenance guy out who only replaced the breaker box. If all of these apartments are wired the same, then this issue has already cause a fire! It was on the news in the earlier months of 2014. Look it up, it says it was caused by something in the heater closet. Last but not least, when I went to move out, I wrote up a 30 day notice that included the address I was moving to, and my phone number (which they should already have anyways), took it along with the early termination fee and the last month of rent, to the office. They filed it away and wrote it all down in their receipt book. I never received any more contact about my bill. Then, about 3 months later, I receive a notice from a collections agency saying that I owe Council Crossing $1600 for early termination fee, last month of rent, and some other fees. They had not tried to contact me AT ALL. No letter, no phone call, no email. I read another review that said they did the exact same thing to them too. THIS PLACE IS A SCAM!!! DO NOT RENT HERE!!! EVER!!!
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Council Crossing

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