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Woodland Park

7350 South Garnett Road, Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(28 Reviews)
$995 - $1,585/mo



3.2 rating

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Resident 2023


Way better than what the reviews state

I've lived here for close to five months and I have not had any bad experiences. The worst things I've encountered is other people who don't pick up their dog's poop, or being loud past 10pm. We're getting a new fence right now, and they just redid the parking lot (which was very much needed, tons of potholes.) When I've had issues, maintenance is prompt and they're very nice. Recently I got a pink letter at my door stating I had a balance due, and I went to talk to Madison about it, and she was very nice and helpful. She didn't make me feel like I should be embarrassed/ashamed, she just told me what was going on, and offered me a water before I left. They have snacks in there, too, and they're always restocking them. Overall: I'm not sure if there was a MGMT change since these other reviewers lived here, but I have not had anything close to what they're saying, go on. People are nice. Although I do wish parking was a bit better. Sometimes it's hard to find parking close to my apartment and I have to walk a little further, but that was only… See More>
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    Resident 2022


    Overpriced bug infested apartments

    Please don't live here unless you enjoy dealing with a cockroach infestation. They charge luxury apartment rent prices for an old property that is not well maintained and has a huge insect problem inside units and outside of buildings, breezeways, and the parking lots. They must be embedded in the foundation at this point because since maintenance refuses to do anything I continually have to spray every week and they are still there. I made the mistake of not reading reviews before moving here. Other tenants have told me the bug issue is a common issue that reoccurs every summer but no preventative or weekly sprays are ever done and something we just have to deal with. Maintenance orders take forever to be completed and the staff doesn't care. Amenities are next to none for the price. Supposed to be a gated community but they have never been closed or working in the 9 months I've been here. I hate writing a negative review but I hate living here and really wish the staff would at least try to fix these things.

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      Resident 2022



      Screen door off hinges. “Fixed” (not fixed) Rough baseboards, cracked floorboards, rent not adjusted for the pool not being ready and the insane noise levels, never being shown where or how to access the gym or mailboxes, the security gate not actually being used, calls emails and forum posts going unanswered multiple times, when we moved in the stove didn’t work, the air filter was filthy, the shower head leaked, the refrigerator was disgusting, we pay for pest control but there are wasp nests everywhere in our stairwell (don’t look up in the stairwells either because ew), there are roaches and bugs everywhere on the sidewalks, staff catches attitude when you can actually get ahold of someone, parking is abysmal, trash is abysmal, packages are not delivered or delivered to the wrong place regularly, our doorknob desperately needed replacing, our sliding glass doors are filthy on the inside, and rent is significantly higher than the quality of the place would suggest

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        Resident 2020 - 2021


        My wife and i lived here for one year. This was our experience - for the first 7-8 months the front gate was inoperable. the security cameras set up around the complex do not even work and have not been working for an extended period of time. My vehicle was broken into and they were unable to view any footage simply because there was not any. The walls and floor are extremely thin, if you have an obnoxiously loud neighbor(s) then you are basically s.o.l . - their after hours security hotline is a mess. When i called with a complaint the dispatcher sent someone out to the wrong complex altogether. One night when it was hot outside we just had our baby- our AC went out and i got ahold of the emergency maintenance and was told someone would be out that same night but yet nobody ever came. Also the parking is very limited and if you come in later than 7pm on a weeknight or weekend then expect to park a good distance away from your usual parking area. READ and REREAD your lease as well. You are expected to pay for full carpet treatment upon moving… See More>
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          Resident 2019


          I've lived here for a year and 5 months. There's been a change in management and it's terrible. I will not be renewing my lease. My 1 bedroom 1 bath is going from $650 a month to $914 a month! The initially charge is $60-70 a month! They say there is security patrol and cameras but my car was broken into. There absolutely no parking when you come home at night. My neighbors park like idiots. Double parking or parking in the fire lane are examples. There's only 1 pool and it's open for a short time in the summer. The fitness center is okay. Not much to do other than normal exercise things. They changed their business hours and it's impossible to get to the office when you need to. And because people complained about the hours they were open and how the couldn't get packages because they were closed, the office no longer accepts packages. They are delivered to the mail box or the front door. So if you're not home hope that no ones takes it. They say they are a gated community but two of their gates are broken and are always open and the front… See More>
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            Resident 2016 - 2017


            "What matters to you..." The only thing that matters to Weidner is collecting money from residents. Every penny they can get!! I would highly recommend that you stay away from all Weidner properties in Tulsa. Envlave on Brookside, Memorial Creek and Woodland Park. First, there was a roach problem in my apartment on day one that took three months to rectify. That includes pulling everything out of my cupboards on a bi-weekly basis. Other repair orders I places were haphazardly fixed and required my own personal attention. One of the reasons why people rent is to have to avoid issues like this. The last month I was there I had to do my laundry elsewhere because it took them 5 weeks just to look at the issue (this was after a repair had gone wrong earlier in my lease). Do not expect to be able to utilize the work out facility, all the pieces are nice but the fan and radio have been broken since I've lived there. When running on the treadmill the heater kicks on, seriously?! Furthermore, the utility charges are bogus! I was in a one bedroom apartment and they were charging me $30+ a month just in… See More>
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              Resident 2016


              BED BUGS!!!!! Do NOT move here!!!!! My experience with this complex was a hellish nightmare that I hope to never repeat. After only living in my apartment for 3 nights, my entire body was covered in large itchy insect bites! It took 4 days and several phone calls to the office before they finally sent someone over to the apartment to confirm our suspicion that the apartment was infested with bed bugs. Once they CONFIRMED the apartment had bed bugs, it took them an additional 3 nights to send someone to spray the apartment (which does NOTHING because bed bugs are next to impossible to get rid off). The employees in the front office were the worst I have ever encountered - rude, condescending, and extremely unhelpful. They actually tried to blame the bed bugs on us, which was completely crazy because A) We had been in the apartment less than 1 week and B) Prior to living here I had never seen a bed bug in my life. To sum things up, we ended up breaking our lease and leaving, but had to completely trash ALL of our furniture to ensure the nasty insects to did not come with… See More>
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                Resident 2015 - 2016


                Extremely poor management. Management and staff are absolutely, 100% unconcerned with your concerns/issues. At least one gate to the property at any point in time is non-functional. They advertise functioning security cameras, but have no idea who high jacked the mailboxes. Maintenance requests go ignored for days at a time. Office is only open Monday through Friday from 10-5, making it difficult for working citizens to pay rent or voice concerns. It is extremely inconvenient to pay rent with a check due to managements' inconvenient office hours and incessant notifications to pay online for a "small fee." Overall, I cannot wait for my lease to be up, and move out of here for good.

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                  Resident 2015


                  If you want to literally live surrounded by loud air compressors, six of which are located directly outside your bedroom window, with numerous situated around the perimeter and inside the courtyard, each of which are putting out at least 60 - 74 decibels a piece amounting to a prohibitive decibel level of 800 decibels churning on and off 24/7 over long summers then move here, while management laughs in your face implying they will not do anything about it, as you express its damaging effect on your hearing and disposition for peace. There is no escaping this repetitive and oscillating frequency anywhere inside your unit or on the premises. All you can expect here from the excessive noise pollution is a hole in your head; then factor in the HVAC inside your unit, cheap noisy appliances, tenants above you running appliances who sound like elephants for inadequate ceiling insulation, and landscapers machinery, and you're looking at high blood pressure waiting to happen.

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                    Resident 2014


                    Horrible experience! Staff was very rude none of the neighbors were friendly . The apt gates which they are not liable for closed in on my car and left a huge dent . When I called to tell them they acted like it was my fault and they couldn't do anything about it ! I hated this place so much I broke my lease early and they made up excuses for not giving back my deposit . Also the shower rod fell and hit my daughter on the head nothing was done !! Do your self a favor and find a nicer place !

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                      Resident 2013 - 2014


                      I lived in the Woodland Park apartments for 1 year before moving into a house. I didn't have a single bad experience. The maintenance and office staff were always very friendly and helpful. Repairs that needed to be taken care of were always done in a timely manner. We felt very safe there (well lit parking lots, cameras, and gates). I always loved the newsletters that they sent out. Newsletters contained info about upcoming events and friendly reminders of such as pick up animal waste. We moved out about a month ago and have waited to write this review so that I could give an honest one (good and bad). I can't think of anything bad though! I would highly recommend Woodland Park to anyone.

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                        Resident 2014


                        - My disappointment with the Woodland Park Apartments have to do with the faculty. Unfortunately, I had my motorcycle stolen in the apartment complex parking lot the other day. After filing a police report, I informed the management. Since the complex has video surveillance at all three entry and exit points, I asked if they could review the video of the time frame of which I could not account for the motorcycle. They agreed and said that they would call me to inform me whether or not if they see anything on the video. Well, I never received a call so I went to the office to follow up. I asked the grounds keeper who said that he would review the back gates and he told me that he did not see anything from those cameras. I politely asked if I could review the footage myself and he said that would have to be agreed to from the management. I go to the front office to follow up and they haven't even began to look. I brought an external hard drive to see if they would just give footage to me so I could review it and they agreed. Again, they… See More>
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                          Resident 2013


                          I wanted to actually extend a huge thank you to this apartment complex and staff. Me and my husband have lived in Woodland Park apartments since February of 2013. The staff (management, lobby staff, maintenance) have been extremely kind, pleasant to talk to and helpful! Any questions we have had and have asked for help with, have been answered within reasonable time. Any phone calls made or messages left through their contact website have been answered promptly. The facilities are kept up to date, well lit areas, the landscaping and flowers are taken good care of. The gate had some issues for a while but I haven't seen any issues since it was fixed. Thank you for being great people to work with as we stay here! The staff also shares good communication through flyers on the apartment doors if they will be changing anything or needing to change our air filters in our apartment. I always recommend this place to friends since we have enjoyed our stay. Specific things I love: They provide doggy cleanup bags at the middle of the apartment complex where you can let your dog do its business and run around (with a leash). Well Lit all… See More>
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                            Resident 2009 - 2012


                            I was a resident at Woodland Park for over three years. The majority of the stay was great. The staff was great and any maintenance issues were resolved quickly! The longer I was there, my rent kept increasing and the service kept dropping. The office staff didn't seem to care as much as the previous staff did, and I stopped dealing with them. I never really had major problems with the neighbors except that people walking their dogs would not clean up after them unless you noticed the dog pooping. The apartments themselves were ok. Nothing fantastic. The layout of the complex is odd, which can lead to irritating parking for some units. The gates worked most of the time, but sometimes had issues, but I saw people squeeze through them to get in/out more than once. The last straw was being charged a full month's rent after leaving since they claimed I didn't give them enough notice. Losing my deposit is no surprise but being charged a full month extra was annoying. The location is great and I really did enjoy my time there, but as I said as the price went up, the service… See More>
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                              Resident 2010 - 2013


                              I've lived here for several years and I absolutely love everything about this apartment complex! It's extremely clean & just a beautiful place to live; making it obvious they've taken pride with their upkeep! Like myself, my neighbors are middle-aged with professional backgrounds. Not to mention, the entire staff here are also professional, friendly, helpful and they have ALWAYS been prompt with quick responses to repairing any maintenance problems I've needed-- Which makes for an all around great environment to be amonst! My rent is reasonably priced and the location is ever so convenient! Other then some yucky dog-poo here or there, I'm extremely happy living here! In fact my only purpose for moving would be if my employer transferred me out of the area or when I finally decide to break-down and buy a house. Moving in here was one of the best decisions I've made, to date!

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                                Resident 2012 - 2013


                                The apt maintanence is degrading .Toilets with human waste clogged should wait 24hr for service.No civility construction work in apt is carried around with dust and debris at tenants health cost. Babies with shock syndrome is the most affected of sudden noise Dog waste is big problem either management or pet owners don't care .Its all over the lawns smelly spreading disease.

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                                  Resident 2010 - 2012


                                  I have lived in this apartment complex for 2 years. My main reasons for chosen this apartment is location and cheaper rent than the surrounding area. That was changed very quickly when they increased my rent by 15% ($100) the second year there. It can be very noisy at time and the wall is extremely thin. You can hear pretty much everything and every conversations outside of your apartment or from the other apartment. The AC in the gym is always broken, especially during the summer. I like the maintenance team of this apartment complex up until my last couple of months there. I'm not sure if they have made any changes to the maintenance team, but I was definitely paid for it. I had put in a maintenance request for my kitchen. They shut off my kitchen electricity to do the work and didn't even bother to turn it back on. Imagine coming home from work at 8PM to find the refrigeration was out for the whole day. And that wasn't the only bad experience i had with the maintenance, but I forgive them. Overall, i would say I enjoyed my time here, until I received my last statement.… See More>
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                                    Resident 2011 - 2012


                                    Happy Resident

                                    I like the location because it is close to my kids' schools and the highway. The entire staff has always been corteous, although I always deal with Tiffany who is pleasant and very helpful. The three bedroom is really large and I like that it is all one level. Maintenance has always taken care of my needs the same day I call for service. My kids love the free movie rentals in the office, the complex is really clean, and the neighbors are friendly. Would recommend to anyone.

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                                      Resident 2011


                                      Noisy, Noisy, Noisy

                                      We moved in here in August and although most apartments are noisy, this place is above and beyond. We live on the second floor and you can hear people in the breezeways and in the below parking area talking at all hours in the night. The windows are paper thin and it appears that this complex is filled with very young party goers that routinely have loud parties in the parking lot at 2 am. To add to the noise, during the day it is either carpet cleaners or carpet installers making so much noise it is intolerable to be at my home. Carpet installers have crashed so hard my pictures have come off the walls several times within the last 4 hours. Management offers no relief and security is very slow to respond. The other serious problem is the constant littering from tennets. From random soda cans to cigarette butts to fast food sacks, it creates a very trashy environment and hazardous for pets and young children. I realize management cannot control a tennets' actions but perhaps they can provide outside trash cans? We are anxiously awaiting our lease to come up so that we may find a more suitable… See More>
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                                        Resident 2008 - 2010


                                        An excellant Apartment

                                        i have been here for about 31/2 yrs and the apartment complex is safe and the staff are awesome. They are very professional, kind and have made it an ejoyable stay here. Maintenance is very prompt and parking is great.... You will love it here

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                                          Resident 2009


                                          One of the nicer places around.

                                          As apartment living goes I think woodland park is great. Very clean, secure, friendly and overall a nice place to live. Yes, you can hear your neighbors above once in a while (show me a sound proof apt.) but the property is well kept, with a nice pond and jogging/walking trail right next to the place. Great location with lots of shopping close by. Plenty of good parking, and I like the gated entrance. Front office staff is nice but I haven't needed them for anything much. They dont bother me, i dont bother them. Again, its a nice place to live if you need to live in an apartment for awhile.

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                                            Resident 2007


                                            Best Place ever

                                            Best place I have ever lived!

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                                              Resident 2007


                                              Love It !!!!!!!!!

                                              I have been here since Feb 07. My hot water tank went out. Maintenance was at my door in 5 minutes fixing it. My toilet broke, again at my door within 10 minutes. The workout room is great. The apartments are really nice. The staff is very friendly. The grounds are very well maintained. The apartments are in a great location. I have 3 kids in union schools. My son is just a block away from the 9th & 10th grade center, he walks. My 2 girls are at the 6th & 7th grade center, the bus stops at the very front of the apartments to pick them up and drop them off. I love it here and will be here for awhile. I have no desire to leave at all.

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                                                Resident 2006 - 2007


                                                Thin Walls, useless staff

                                                overall the apatments were nice and safe. I heard my upstairs neighbors every night, I don't know what they were doing but it was very loud. The staff is unable to do anything without asking the manager, why have staff?

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                                                  Resident 2006 - 2007


                                                  I Love My Apartment!!

                                                  I have lived here at Woodland Park for 4 months now and I absolutely love it!! You can't hear any of the neighbors at all. I sometimes forget that there are dogs living here too! I feel very safe every time I leave and come home from work. I love the fact that we have the limited access gates as well. I just want to say that Melinda at the apartment office is definitely the most helpul and is willing to do anything to make you feel welcomed.<br><br>I'm so happy that I took the chance at this apartment complex. I used to live at Fox Run and I absolutely hated it. I will definitely recommend these apartments to anyone that is looking for quality and a good atmosphere.

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                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 681 sq. ft.

                                                    $995 - $1,010

                                                    3 Available Units

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                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 801 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,060 - $1,075

                                                    2 Available Units

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                                                    2 Bedrooms


                                                    2 Beds, 1 Bath | 859 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,040 - $1,045

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                                                    Features & Amenities

                                                    • Washer/Dryer
                                                    • Cats Allowed
                                                      Deposit: $200. Fee: $300. Rent: $30. Comments: Dogs and cats are welcome.
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                                                    • Dogs Allowed
                                                      Deposit: $200. Fee: $300. Rent: $30. Comments: Dogs and cats are welcome.
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                                                    • 24-Hour Management Availability
                                                    • 9' Ceilings
                                                    • Air Conditioning
                                                    • Balcony or Patio
                                                    • Bay Windows in Select Units
                                                    • Built-in Bookcases in Select Units
                                                    • Central AC and Heating
                                                    • Coffee Bar
                                                    • Conference Room
                                                    • Continental Breakfast
                                                    • Courtyard
                                                    • DishWasher
                                                    • Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems
                                                    • Fireplaces in Select Units
                                                    • Fitness Center
                                                    • Formal Dining Area
                                                    • Garbage Disposal
                                                    • Garden Tubs
                                                    • Grill Area
                                                    • Ice Maker
                                                    • Kitchen Pantries
                                                    • Living Room Lighting in Select Homes
                                                    • Microwave in Select Units
                                                    • Night Patrol
                                                    • On-Site Maintenance
                                                    • On-Site Management
                                                    • Online Payments Accepted
                                                    • Pool
                                                    • Resident Lounge
                                                    • Resident Social Activities
                                                    • Tile Entry Way
                                                    • Walk In Closets
                                                    • Weight Machines
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                                                    Feel energized and welcome every time you come home to your thoughtfully designed apartment at Woodland Park Apartment Homes. When you select an apartment in Broken Arrow, OK, that s part of our community, you ll be close to shopping, dining, and entertainment options as well as to your work and school commitments. At Woodland Park, we have one, two, and three-bedroom apartment floor plans, designed with you in mind. Each spacious home has a host of amenities and interior finishes that have been hand-selected by our design team. Home chefs will enjoy the kitchen with spacious countertops, ample cabinetry, and energy-efficient appliances. You ll be amazed by the high ceilings and large windows that allow in plenty of natural light. When it gets warm in the summer, you ll love the central AC and cooling ceiling fans while warm heat and an inviting fireplace keep you toasty in the winter. A full-size washer and dryer will make laundry convenient. You ll also appreciate the extra touches like the ceramic tile entryway, built-in bookshelves, walk-in closets, and a luxurious garden tub. Your living space extends beyond your front door with outstanding community amenities. Forget about monthly gym fees as our fully-equipped fitness center, including cardio equipment and weights, is a few steps away. Reserve the conference center for meetings and enjoy the resident lounge complete with a workspace, printing station, and wifi. After work, you can relax and unwind beside the crystal-clear swimming pool with lounge chairs and free wifi, then grill up a feast in the BBQ area where you can proudly entertain your friends. Enjoy our complimentary services of the courtesy patrol that is able to be contacted from 6 AM to 6 PM as well as our 24/7 emergency on-call maintenance team to make sure you are taken care of when we are not in the office! You ll also love our friendly and attentive staff who host fun resident events including a free continental breakfast to help you star
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                                                    Office Hours

                                                    • Sunday: Closed
                                                    • Monday - Tuesday: 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM
                                                    • Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 05:30 PM
                                                    • Thursday - Friday: 09:30 AM - 05:30 PM
                                                    • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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                                                    Weidner Apartment Homes
                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    Deposit: $200
                                                    Fee: $300
                                                    Rent: $30
                                                    Comments: Dogs and cats are welcome.
                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Deposit: $200
                                                    Fee: $300
                                                    Rent: $30
                                                    Comments: Dogs and cats are welcome.
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths
                                                    3 Beds, 2 Baths

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                                                    Woodland Park

                                                    July 2024





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                                                    Woodland Park is a 681 - 1,247 sq. ft. apartment in Broken Arrow in zip code 74012. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $995 - $1,585. Nearby cities include Tulsa, Bixby, Catoosa, Coweta, and Jenks.

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