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Woodland Park



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
- My disappointment with the Woodland Park Apartments have to do with the faculty. Unfortunately, I had my motorcycle stolen in the apartment complex parking lot the other day. After filing a police report, I informed the management. Since the complex has video surveillance at all three entry and exit points, I asked if they could review the video of the time frame of which I could not account for the motorcycle. They agreed and said that they would call me to inform me whether or not if they see anything on the video. Well, I never received a call so I went to the office to follow up. I asked the grounds keeper who said that he would review the back gates and he told me that he did not see anything from those cameras. I politely asked if I could review the footage myself and he said that would have to be agreed to from the management. I go to the front office to follow up and they haven't even began to look. I brought an external hard drive to see if they would just give footage to me so I could review it and they agreed. Again, they said they would call me when they were done. Over four hours later I didn't hear anything so I called and she did not seem happy to hear it was me over the phone. Nonetheless, I asked if she was able to get the video transferred and she told me that the hard drive was not compatible with her PC. She told me that she needed a flash drive. After informing her that the external drive operates in the same manner she then began to tell me how dark the video was and that not a lot could be made out. Then she said there was a chance that they didn't even go out the gate. Mind you, she is saying all of this while on the phone with me and looking at the video. She didn't take anytime to review the footage. She then informs me that she will call me back before she leaves for the day. So about 10 minutes before closing she calls me and states that she spoke with her management and they will not release the gate video unless law enforcement requests it. I understand the last statement, if that is true, however why give me the run around in the beginning. I think that she doesn't have any confidence in her ability with computers and therefore didn't want to mess with it. They also informed me that the video is only kept for 7 days so now I have to scramble to get either the police or a private detective to request the video. It seems the 24 hour surveillance isn't for the residents convenience, it's just a selling point to get customers here. I understand that it is not the responsibility of the complex to ensure my property is not stolen, but they should be more helpful with assisting if the possibility exist for evidence. I feel if you are a resident of the complex they should be more courteous as well, especially when a theft occurrence has happened on their own grounds. That's not my experience and would not advise anyone to live here.
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Woodland Park

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