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Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
This complex is very old and in bad shape! It might be in a good location but it's a piece of crap, I regret living here and can't wait till my lease is up! I'm actually counting down the days till its up. .That's how bad this place is!! First of all my door has a big dent on it like someone has kicked it and broke in, it won't even stay closed on its own unless I lock it, and the door knob is very loose and if someone wanted to break in they could. Secondly, the first thing you notice when you walk into the kitchen is the counter tops being crooked because this place is so old and they have sunk in. so therefore my drawers weren't straight when I closed them. Also, my dish washer was absolutely worthless and I couldn't even use it. Finally, the biggest problem was my main bathroom, I couldn't even take a shower in there because my ceiling caved in and fell apart because every time the people above me would take a shower it would leak into my shower and got my sheet rock and my ceiling all wet and tore it apart. So therefore I had to take a shower in my roommates bathroom. I called in a work order on all these problems and none of them got fixed. So if you're planning on moving in here you are taking a huge risk, so my suggestion to you is to not even waste your time or money because you will regret it.
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