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Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
Sure, things go well for the first 2 YEARS that you live here and pay these people. You ignore the terrible "redone" countertops that are spray painted when you move in, the constant and clear "intimate" noises from the apartment on your left and the parties on your right, you even ignore the fact that it takes maintainace a month to fix anything.. UNTIL YOU HAVE A LEAK IN YOUR CEILING. A leak that not only makes a hole in one ceiling of your townhouse, but then doesn't get repaired even with CONSTANT calling, and the leak goes through the first ceiling, into the floor of your bathroom, and then into your living room ceiling. Then you have mold. How do they fix it? Well first they scrape off the part of your ceiling that is caving in and then they SPRAY IT WITH WALL TEXTURE and call it good. Are you kidding me. You will be on the phone for MONTHS with less than pleasant office staff (be prepared to get the girl, as the guy in the office opts out when you are angry) and when all is said in done, you will have had to live at your parents house for over a month while they are "testing for mold". When they find mold, you will find that it was "treated" but you are still somehow waking up feeling sick every morning. Also, if you are a college student, especially A FEMALE, be ready to have your mom get involved in every single issue, because they will not listen to you alone. Aparently being a 23 year old student makes you not capable of knowing when maintenance needs to be performed and you will ABSOLUTELY BE IGNORED for months before anything happens. And don't expect any type of rent compensation for the month you had to move out because of THEIR mold problem. You will be paying just as much as usual. But hey, the parking isn't bad!
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