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Sunset Ridge



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
This was the absolute WORST place I've ever lived, and I'm a college student and have lived in a lot of diff apartments so that is saying something. I lived there in 2009. The people that live there are trashy and ------, the maintinence staff is nonexistent.... I had a HOLE in my bathroom ceiling because the pipes in bathroom in the apartment above mine burst. which i understand that happens.. but maintenance STILL hadn't fixed it even 6 months later when i moved out. I wrote several letters, I was up at the office multiple times. My mom even called the news station. There was a HOLE in my ceiling! Then when I moved out, they tried to charge me for it!! I went there and blew up at them, and they apologized, but still. They said they hadn't had maintenance requests on file, even though I had filled them out and talked to them personally... when they were there at least. The office staff were never there... like on about 6 or 7 occasions I would go up there in the middle of business hours and they simply wouldn't be there! And i would check back at 30 min intervals. One time I was walking to my apartments, and there were police and SWAT team there, with their guns ready, about to raid an apartment because a drug dealer that killed someone was living there. Seriously. It was ridiculous. Oh, and on Friday nights the police were there because of noise complaints and alot of times fights. I felt like i lived in a trailer park. I'm a delivery driver part time, and I sometimes still deliver to that apartment complex. It HAS NOT changed!! The people that live there are still trashy and ------.
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Sunset Ridge

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