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Sunset Ridge



Resident · 2011 - 2014
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Office Staff
I have lived in this complex for over three years. In this time they've had at least four different managers. Only one of them was any good, and they just got rid of/lost him. The new one is disrespectful, breaks laws (entering apartment without notice), and NEVER available. My heater is broken (and always has been), my dishwasher is broken, one of my bathtubs is broken. I had a toilet that was constantly running and they brought in another toilet to replace it and then left it in my front room for nearly a year until water leaked into the downstairs apartment, then they finally replaced it. Currently, I have no electricity and haven't for nearly a week. I am posting this from the library, because management hasn't been in their office all week, and last week they first claimed it was off due to non-payment, and then when I brought proof of payment they said they'd get an electrician in to do a "temporary" (whatever that means). That was Friday, this is Tuesday. The electric company says there is damage on the complexes end and they can't do anything because it is a fire hazard. This place is very run down and ------ for Edmond, and I've lived in some pretty bad places. The only good thing I can say is that there are no roaches. I've had my car broken into, I've had things vanish from my apartment on days when the complex was supposed to come in and inspect/spray, and there's NO lighting outside of my apartment at night. I live upstairs, so this is dangerous. There's also tons of wasps/hornets everywhere and no one does anything about it. Also, they never clean their pool and it is usually GREEN. It looks like a swamp. And they're constantly fixing plumbing so your water is turned off at random. Now they're raising the rent and I can barely afford to live as it is, and I can't afford to move either. So I'm stuck in this horrible place.
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Sunset Ridge

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