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The Regency Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2008
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Office Staff
I don't know if its just the way Lawton's power company charges, but my electric bill for a 2 bedroom apartment was constantly around $160. My buddy paid about $90 for his 3 bedroom house. I guess that means just bad insulation. Once a month, the bug man comes around to treat the apartments, which is good, but the guy kind of halved his way through the place. And if you move in here, make sure you live on the top floor, or else you will hear every single little footstep. But then again, if it's the top floor you pick, you're more likely to have the roof leak or maybe even cave in when it rains. That's the way it is with most apartments in Lawton. Some genius decided to build the city with flat roofs. The area isn't the most wholesome, but it's Lawton, not Beverly Hills. My friend's wife was constantly bothered by some unknown people whenever he was at work to the point where he bought a gun for her to keep. But like I said, this is Lawton. Bottom line is, I never had a problem with the management, which is good. The place isn't that attractive from the outside, but the interior isn't that bad. Not the greatest place to live, but you really don't have much better to chose from.
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The Regency Apartments

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