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The Regency Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
This place is GREAT! I was only here for 5 months for training, but I am glad I chose this apartment complex. The area is located near Rodgers off of 44. Cache is also easily accessible which leads off into the main portion of Lawton. If you are looking for a place near Fort Sill, this is probably one of the closest you will find. I have roughly driven through every gate: Sheridan, Ft. Sill, and Key Gate off 44, and it has taken me around 3 minutes to reach the gate, and 5 minutes to reach my destination on post. The room itself if very spacious, although I can only speak of my room, 2Bed, 1.5 bath. Laundry is easily accessible by all the building as it is located on the backside of the main office. The laundry facility is run by quarters so make sure you have them on hand. If you don't, you can go to the gas station or there is a car wash station just down the road on Cache, its really like 3 minutes away and you can get all the quarters you need there. If there are too many wash/dryer units being used there is also a place on Sheridan called Moms that has good laundry services as well. Pets are allowed, with a deposit; and just for future residents, please pick up after your pets. The atmosphere is quite pleasant, there is a wide span of age ranging from 20s-50s. Everyone is, for the most part, courteous. Management at the office is awesome in my opinion, Whenever I had an issue the ladies were able to fix it asap. Also, maintenance is done by one guy, but he does a good job getting around. Overall, this is a good place to live. Quiet, easy access to Fort Sill, and rent doesn't kill your wallet. I would recommend this complex to anyone looking for a nice place to stay.
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The Regency Apartments

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