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Meadow Glen Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
Unlike the other reviews, I didn't have the greatest few months there.<br><br>Parking: I was promised a spot in front of my apartment. Due to several tenants around me having more than one vehicle (many that hardly ever went used), I was almost always forced to park around the corner in part of lot that was kinda poorly lit. I worked till 11pm every night and this was seemingly unavoidable.<br><br>Noise: I suppose the noise wouldn't have been such a problem, except for the guy below me blaring his music when he got home from work every night, and the little yappy dog behind me barking at all hours of the night.<br><br>Grounds: As voted on, not bad, but nothing particularly special.<br><br>Safety: I didn't ever feel "unsafe", although the lighting in the outer parking lot could have been percieved as such.<br><br>Construction: The Drywall job wasn't the greatest in the world, but it sufficed. Again, the insulation didn't seem to be there when it came to noise. There also appeared to be some dry-rot on the outside of the apt. where the balcony rail was attached.<br><br>Maintenance: The guys were nice enough, and they acted quickly when my A/C unit went out. However, they never correctly fixed the washer where it was leaning, nor the towel rack (i gave up and fixed this myself), along with the constantly running toilet, and to add on top of it all, the crack in the basin of my tub. It took them roughly a week to get out and look at any of the items.<br><br>The office staff was nice enough, although when i broke my lease, i was told that if someone moved in before my "month notice" was up that I would get a refund of some sort, I would be contacted, and that it would be deducted from my termination balance. This is apparently against company policy, so I don't guess I'll ever be seeing any of that near $300.<br><br>Overall: This apartment wasn't the worst in the world, and believe me, I've stayed in some crappy places before during college. However, the above events kind of soured me on the this complex, and TransWest in general (a friend of mine living in Norman had warned me of his problems with the TransWest office/maintenance staff). They technically broke the lease when nothing got fixed, but try getting that idea to work. I finally just said it was personal and terminated the lease. On one final note, I was told that they were a Cox digital community, which coaxed me into living there, due to my 2 tv's, my computer (with the cable internet), and then further splitting for my Tivo. I don't personally believe the ONE coax cable on one corner of the place is enough to warrant a "digital community" but maybe that's just me.<br><br>Sorry for the long winded review. I just started and couldn't stop.
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Meadow Glen Apartments

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