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Apple Creek Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2016
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Office Staff
i have lived at applecreek for 6 years i do not recommend anyone move in here.they dont fix anything and yet they hold the tennants accountable for rent but they dont hold themselves accountable for anything.scince living here i have had 3 floods in my apartment they had carpet cleaners come out put fans down for a week using my electricity and my bill doubled and they would not pay the difference.it took me 6 months to get vertical blinds because they didnt work due to normal wear and tear.they did not want to replace the carpet after the flood so i called coorperate and they sent a regional over and told management to replace it.i had black mold on my walls and all inside my closet ,so they just covered it up spraying kilz on it. then it came back and they finnaly took all sheet rock and insulation out and had a whole in my wall was size of a silver dollar that i could see outside from inside my apartment. they left it like this for 3 weeks which made my electric bill double once again they would not pay the difference.the police used to come out at least 10 times a day.there were people doing and selling drugs all over the complex ,i saw the manager rachel coming out of a tenants apartment smoking weed with them. they advertise they have alarms in the apartments but they dont work,they say they have a tanning bed which is from the 80's and the shocks dont work,say they have sand volleyball court with no sand and 2 poles sticking out of the ground with no net,basketball court with no backboard rim or net,24 hour maintenace which i called several times 2 weeks ago and still havent heard from,security which i have never seen since ive lived there. they said they were offering $500.00 reward for arrest and conviction of anyone caught with drugs or damaging property in the last flier they placed on my door.well i heard a loud noise outside and called the police and they arrested someone that busted the drivers window out of my neighbors truck.and he was high.so i asked for the reward and they said that was different. the letter only applied to thier property not the tenants who pay the rent so management even has a job.they also damaged my car $1600.00 worth and my neighbors car $1700.00 worth with the siding they were putting up on our building and would not pay for it. they said to sue them.as well as my neighbor getting a flat with 4 screws in his tires.my girlfriend has had a flat from a screw from the construction and was non repairable so i work at a dealership and my cost was $250.00 and they would not pay for that this has been a very tramatic time living here and i highly recommend anyone to stay away do not rent an apartment here they are slum lords.i am in car sales and always thank my customers for coming in whether they buy or not because i know after 25 years in the buisiness without the customers the car lot doesnt need me and also they provide my living so i am very grateful to them for that.the apartment managers arent grateful for thier tenants and show that by thier actions .in fact they thank the tenants should be grateful to them for letting them live there.very bad way of doing buisiness,you have to treat people with respect.my lease is up in 3 months and i will not renew it.there also was a pine tree outside which got sap all over everyones cars if you were within 10 parking places of it cause the wind would blow it. the only way to get that off your car is with nailpolish remover which ruins your paintjob. i wrote a letter to coorperate about having the tree removed and had the tenants in my bulding that agreed sign it and it went unanswered.after asking for 6 years straight over and over they finnaly cut it down.
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Apple Creek Apartments

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