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Bishops Landing



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2005
If you're thinking of moving here, I suggest you think again. This is the worst hole I've ever had to live in, if I could afford to move, I would. Then I would burn it down with management inside.(Not a threat, I could never actually do that, but I can dream.) This place is a disgrace, I would be ashamed to own such a dismal place. Security is non-existent, thankfully the police are usually close to campus, should you need help fast. Here, trust me you will, the hall lights are almost always out, I prop a chair against the door at night, because of previous problems. The apperance and upkeep is laughable, it looks like a dog squatted next to campus. Management is deplorable. They are rude, unprofessional, and combined, the staff might be as intellegent as the scum on the duck pond. Did someone just hand them "Property Management for Dummies", and say good luck?!? And maintenence, please, what maintence? I have called repeatedly about the sink being clogged, and even took off work to wait for the guy to get there and 5 months later it's still clogged. And there's damage to the back of the unit that was supposed to be fixed before I moved in, it's still there! And every time another one of the antiquated fixtures breaks the office accuses me of messing it up, and threaten to charge for repairs even though those "repairs" are included in the rental agreement. Once, I came home from work to find a maintence man in my closet!!!! what is it that requires routine maintenence in my clothes?!? Ever since, I try to make sure someone is here so that they can't take advantage of their position, and other tenants have told me far worse stories about staff in their units,and items that mysteriously disappeared after they had been in the unit. Management and maintenece may enter your apartment at any time for no reason, so watch your things, some of them may turn up missing and make sure you say "Hi" to C, the guy who sells crack to the staff. No I'm not kidding!!! Don't get me wrong, I don't think everyone that works here is bad, in fact I am friends with a few of the maintenence people, I just wish THEY worked in my section of the complex, but one bad apple.... The units are not made with good workmanship at all, the walls are thin, the ceiling is thin, the carpet is drab and cheap, the door locks might as well be plastic, my unit isn't so bad, some of the others are horrible, on the second floor, some of the hallways are composed purely of carpet, no baseboards, nothing, it's like walking on a hammock, and there are always insects, roaches, fleas, flies, gnats, grubs, you name it we probably have it, and it's seasonal, joy. Overall, this place is a pit, it has got to be one of the worst places in Norman to live. I would never ever ever think of living here again, I wouldn't wish this place on anyone, if you can afford to go somewhere else, trust me, it's worth the extra bucks. the rating system on this site doesn't go low enough to encompass the nightmare that Bishop's Landing is.
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Bishops Landing

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