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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
I would just like to quickly respond to the person who posted "Morons Built This Place." I have lived and worked at Campus Lodge Apartments since the first day you could move in on June 1, 2004. The funny thing is, is that with all of the problems you have listed on here they are enough problems for us to figure out which apartment you live in. Another funny thing is that I actually live below you! So we have too much sex and too many parties, and the people above you are playing basketball in their kitchen...that's funny because my roommate and I don't have sex and we have only had 2 big parties that were held in the summer for my roomies birthday (I believe you guys were there at some point) and the people living above you are 5'4" gymnasts, I'm pretty sure they aren't playing basketball, but we can give them a goal and they can start :) If you guys are the ones living above us, I would like to say that since you moved into the apartment when I did, your apartment would have been brand new and the cushions on your couch/chair should not have been ripped. If they were ripped, you should have came to the office and told us...just like all the other complaints that you seem to have...we will replace/fix it (PROMISE)! Oh about the snow getting in the windows..when does it really snow in Norman?? I think we might have had about 1/2 an inch once?!? If you want to complain about snow, go to Kansas...we had snow almost everyday last winter (that's what I love about Oklahoma, is you really don't get snow)!!!!!! Since this review made me so mad, I took the liberty to look at all of the work orders you guys gave us (we have to keep them all if you would like to see them) everything you have complained about on here, was reported and our maintenance staff did go up to your apartment and fix it. If there were problems after that, don't fix it yourself...come back into the office and report it again...I know it's a pain, but you have to do it every where you live, sorry life isn't that easy, things do break every once in a while (technology isn't that advanced yet give a few years)! About the gates always being broken, that isn't anything that Campus Lodge has any control over...maybe you should get out there and make sure drunk people don't run into it. Speaking of drunk, crazy people let's talk about the Sigma Chi's...the security guard was not partying it was a Norman officer for your information. Plus the Sigma Chi's no longer live here, with a few exceptions...so don't worry about them anymore. One question, how can you get a towing threat for a car you don't have? Now that makes no sense, you just sound dumb for writing that :) About the mail, for a while the post office would not deliver the mail to the mail boxes. That was out of our control, so putting it in the boxes was the best we could do for the residents. Funny we really had no one complain about other people stealing their mail..did someone steal your mail?? Trust me having the mail in those boxes was just as frustrating for me as you, I had to sort it out into the boxes! Get your numbers straight also, it is not $15 to have an extra window in your shower, it is $5...stop over exaggerating!! About the upcharge for a short term lease, that is going to be the case at every complex you go to, unless you go to a piece of crap community. I'm pretty sure we have a lot more than "8" guest parking spots, we have over 100 spots. We didn't have them marked until just recently, but we definately have more than 8. I want to let you know that the volleyball net was broken not stolen and it will be fixed by next summer. We really don't need it out there considering it is cold and no one swims. If this is the apartment I believe it is, I'm pretty sure you are the people that went skinny dipping in our pool one night two summers ago. I know this b/c some of the guys on the 3rd floor saw you jump in, get out and go to your apartment. Please don't do this, that way we will not have to lock the pool at night. Finally if you are the people above us, please stop walking around so damn loud...maybe you guys are the ones playing basketball. Yall are so loud when I'm trying to go to sleep and wake up for my 8:30 class. The ONLY noise you hear from our apartment, is my roommate and I banging on the ceiling trying to get you to SHUT UP!!! Thanks, renew your lease and go all inclusive!!!!!
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