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Campus Lodge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2005
This is really amusing. I was wondering why everything was getting fixed. Good job letting us know where the visitor's parking is..it only took TWO YEARS. Oh, and it is very silly about the towing threat for a non-existant car isn't it? Would you like to see the notice? I believe we still have it. And guess what. Everything we said is true. The couch cushions were busted when we moved in, we did tell you, you did nothing. One of our showers is cracked, we did tell you, you did nothing. Our back door still doesn't lock, and the front door is still hard to close and lock. Once again, we did tell you, you did nothing. And we can hear very loud parties on the weekends, though usually not from your apartment. And while the basketball hoop in the kitchen upstairs was indended as a joke, I assure you that the noise is there. While I'm pretty sure it's not a basketball hoop, there is someone/thing continually banging on either the floors and/or counters. And I'm sooo sorry to burst this little comfort bubble you've built around yourself, none of us lived in this building two summers ago, so you really should check your sources. Or perhaps even call security, because if this apartment was indeed brand-new when we moved in, yet someone saw naked people walking into it before we moved in, then I think we have a little problem here. Then agian, problems are what this place is all about. Have a nice day!
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Campus Lodge Apartments

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