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Campus Lodge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2006
The office staff is friendly and pretty helpful as long as you are not dealing with money. They will in no way try to help you out or give you a good deal once you have signed a lease (i.e. I'm talking about when trying to renew a lease). You would think that since the place is not even full to capacity they would be trying to give you some what of a deal to try and keep residents, but that is not the case. I will not be renewing my lease, I will move some place else next year.<br><br>I was forced into living here because it was the only 4 bedroom apartment in town that wasn't full (I got a late start on apartment searching due to special circumstances).<br><br>Overall the property is nice enough, which isn't saying too much considering it is brand new. It is definitely not worth the price. The rooms are tiny, the kitchen and living room are small for a four person apartment. But it is nice to have a bathroom for each room. The pool area is nice, but they do not have a hot tub, which I don't understand. They have a pretty nice basketball court, the only complaint about it, is there are never any nets on the rims.<br><br>The all-inclusive is not really a good deal, but if you just want the simplicity of not having to pay multiple bills, then it might be worth the extra money. But when it warms up and the A/C is running it is almost guaranteed that you will pay extra, because there is only a $30 allotment per person per month for the electric bill.<br><br>Be careful about visitor parking, it cost about $130 to get your car out. This seems extremely high, considering other times I've heard of people getting towed from different places it was more around $60-$70. I think Campus Lodge must get a cut for every person towed, that would explain why it is so expensive and why you can only pay in cash.<br><br>The trash situation sucks. It is about a 1/4 mile walk every time you want to bring out the trash. Most apartment complexes with only one trash bin that is so far away will provide some type of trash service. Here the only option is to throw a disgusting trash bag in your car and drive there or make the trek on foot. Unless you are lucky enough to get an apartment that is close to the trash bin.<br><br>Free High-speed internet is a joke. Yes internet is provided, but it is not high-speed, it is only 30 kbps download MAX. That is about as fast as the fastest ISDN dialup service. You can get the normal COX high speed internet for an additional fee, which can be up to 100 times faster. This was a huge disappointment for me when I moved in, because I was expecting real high-speed internet, but was stuck with extremely SLOW high-speed internet. It is alright for surfing the web, but if you download anything at all, it will bring your web surfing to a halt. They are definitely misleading you with the advertisement of free high-speed internet.<br><br>So overall the place is pretty good, if the price was between $300 and $400 a month, it would be alright, but since it is $400-$500 a month, I expect a lot more out of the complex. There are other places in Norman, which will offer the same services and service level at a much cheaper price. I would recommend looking into them.
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Campus Lodge Apartments

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