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Charleston Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
Management is terrible! Good luck getting ahold of anyone in the office! Windows aren't sealed/insulated properly. Apartment stayed between 80-90 all summer. Was told they would need to replace air conditioner and would need us out of the apartment. After Betty pushed to off for the 4th month I got ahold of dowell properties, which owns the apartments, and was told the owner was the only one who could help me but he was vacationing out of the country. Still have not heard back. Toilet is cracked and could shatter at any moment but they refuse to replace it. Freezer collects ice under the inside panels causing it to melt and leak water all over my kitchen floor. Dishwasher doesn't work. There is a no per policy, yet everyone around me has pets. Grounds are dirty and the laundry rooms are filthy and hot. There is no ventilation and most of the time you are lucky to get a washer or dryer that actually works. I found out my apartment was a meth house after being pulled over because my car matched a description of a known drug associate of the former tenant. There is a huge drug problem at the apartments. No one hides their drug deals and I've had random people coming to my door looking for my neighbors or asking me If I sold drugs and would sale to them. There is a huge roach problem. The stairs are rusted and slippery and management refuses to do anything about them. Myself and family have fallen down them several times when they are dry and forget leaving the house when it's raining. They never clean before you move in and try to charge you when you move out. Everyone in these apartments are loud! Parties and loud music are a daily accurate and good luck getting ahold of anyone in the office to do anything about it. I have had to seek legal action because not only have they broken my lease by not fixing anything they won't let me out of it and get in my face and threaten me. DO NOT MOVE INTO THESE APARTMENTS!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!! Do a goodbye search of dowell properties and stay away from all of the complexes they own
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Charleston Apartments

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