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6219 S Independence Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73159
6219 S Independence Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73159

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Briar Glen Apartments



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newapartmentperson • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended

Updated 02/02/2007

Reviewed 08/08/2006

We just moved here three months ago from another town. We sold our house to come and live in Oklahoma City, so one of my kids could continue attending Western Heights and play football. I have not lived in an apartment since I was in my early 20's, so we not "Apartment People".<br><br>I am frequently awaken by the other tenants kids(young, middle school and elementary age)at 2:00 am. I have complained, but the manager did not even ask where the noise was coming from or who the kids are. He just advised me to call the police. (hard to get the police on that side of town for just a noise complaint) The young lady that showed us an apartment acted as if there were strict rules and penalties for those who broke them, but once we moved in, the young male manager doesn't seem to care. Also, the apartment they show you is NOT rented to someone else. It is a show apartment and the one you move into will NOT be the same. <br><br>We do not have a problem with bugs. I am a neat freak and I constantly clean. <br><br>Maintenance still has not completed my move in list repairs. The most important ones have been completed, but when I call the office and leave a message, it is NEVER returned.<br><br>I am fortunate enough to live in an apartment on the end of a building, so I have only one neighbor and I am close to the parking lot, however the 2 recent fires (one in the grass near the highway and the other in vehicle and a dumpster) have made me a little nervous. <br><br>As far as drug dealers living in our complex, I am unaware. I over heard one female employee tell a caller that if you have a felony, they will not rent to you. <br>We do keep to ourselves mostly, but so far nothing has happened to make me want to break my lease.<br><br>The ad that Briar Glen has in the local apartment magazines is misleading. Hot water is paid but not much water pressure on the hot side. The heat and air are paid, but the air doesn't cool very well in 100 degree days, there is only one tiny vent in the kitchen and NO vent at all in the dining room, so basically I sauna when I cook. The ads also say Work Out Facility. I was really looking forward to having a facility so close. However, the work out facility is now a "Business Center". For whom, I do not know. <br><br>We are supposed to have a "security guard", but I only see him when he is a little booth near the gate at the end of the workday. He just opens the gate for EVERYONE and waves. Otherwise the drive in gate does stay closed 99% of the time. The walk-in gates are ALWAYS open, which begs the questions, "Why do we have gates at all?"<br><br>For the most part, it is okay for low end apartments. They are the best apartments in the Western Heights school district, but thats not saying much. Believe me, when my child graduates in 2 years, we will be moving elsewhere.<br><br>UPDATE 2-02-07: We have lived here for about 6 months now, and I can honestly say: Unless you just HAVE to live here, DON'T. My son plays football for Western Heights, so we have to stay in this school district until he graduates, which is in 2008. <br><br>I have called management many times about things that do not work, such as the vent in my bathroom and my dishwasher. They have not fixed anything, and now I have mold growing on my bathroom walls near the ceiling and on two of the air vents. I am taking pictures and cleaning it as best I can and letting them know that I have cleaned the mold, but if they don't fix the ventilation problems it will just keep coming back.<br><br>The neighbor's kids still keep us up some nights.<br><br>Someone busted the windshield on my youngest son's car. Someone also has stolen the Mercedes emblem off of my other son's car. So much for gated complex and security guards. <br><br>We still don't have a bug problem.<br><br>Sometimes we can't get hot water in the morning. We have to let the water run for a good 15 minutes before it becomes hot.
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Briar Glen Apartments

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