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Briar Glen Apartments



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MommaLiz • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 08/30/2007
Hi... I've lived at Briar Glen for two years now and I have no complaints. I was just doing some random searches on the internet and came accross this website where u can rate your apartment. I do recommend families to move into these apartments... I have a beautiful apartment that I've never had any trouble with. I did have a leak under the sink before and it took a few times to fix the leak because I had more than one but it was fixed and fixed well. Anytime I've had an issue with maintance... whether it was replacing the light bulb in the kitchen or last summer the AC wasn't getting cold it was done in a timely manner. I dropped by the office let them know what was going on and that afternoon someone was at my door with tools and parts in hand. Speaking of the AC... it's the best thing that has ever happend to my family. Briar Glen doesn't charge for Running your AC or Hot water... which I do often. I live in a three bedroom townhouse and keep my home quite cool. My electric bill has never been over 100.00 since I've moved here. In fact this month it's 78.00 I lived in a two bedroom apartment before we moved here and my electric bill was over 180.00 ever month. So.. my electric bill has been CUT IN HALF...You can't beat that. I read a review where someone mentioned never having enough hot water... I have three children and wash clothes all day... and bathe all three kids one after another not including my husband and I having to jump in and have Never-EVER ran out of Hot water... and if I ever had... believe me the office would of been notified and that would of been fixed... because when we moved here we were told of the system they have here and that we would never run out of hot water and I never have... The same system also is why your not charged on your electric bill for blasting the AC upstairs and Downstairs 24/7.... I have three growing kids... and have found out how blessed we are to have moved into such a great school district. I have a disabled son and Western Heights Schools are the place to be... I also read a review where someone had mentiond the kids out all hours of the night... I did notice that this past summer... because when the sun goes down... my kids are in the house... actually before that even... We did have a few problems with the kids being out and just doing kid things... so when that became a problem my husband and I found out where the kids lived and reported them to the office and that problem was nipped in the bud real fast. I absolutely love my home... it's not just my apartment... it's our home... They are replacing all the windows as I type... ;) with beautiful ones... i might add... and the parking lot is next. I plan on renewing my lease next year and Hope that Good Hard working families are not put off by some of the negative reviews i read... because when you live in an apartment... you have many... many... neighbors... I've never had a problem with noise... but I do understand... not everyone lives like me... and if it ever starts to effect my family or home... I let the office know... and I've only ever dealt with Larry and he's always been very helpful and has always resolved any issue i may have had. I have also taken advantage of the buissness office they offer to all tenents... I use the fax almost every other week it seems like and I am very thankful that it's there for me to use... I just wanted to take a few minutes and defend my home... here at Briar Glen... and I hope to see more wonderful families like mine have a beautiful place to live. oh... before I forget... I also read they have like one show apartment and that's not the one you move into... NOT TRUE... the apartment live in is the one I was shown... which is why I moved here...
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Briar Glen Apartments

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