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Briar Glen Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/02/2007
I do not recommend any families to move into these apartments for the following reasons: 1. There is no security for these apartments at night. 2. There is a lot of hoodlums that vandalize cars like keying, throwing eggs at doors and doing drugs and smoking weed on property. There is a drug house across the street from Briar Glenn that supplies the junkies that live here there drugs and Larry the Apartment manager does nothing about it. 3. People here play excessively loud music and the apartment manager Larry does nothing about it. 4. If you have trouble with your apartment here Manager Larry does not place work orders and nothing will be fix. 5. there is a huge bug infestation like roaches, spiders and even field mice in apartments. 6. Maintance can enter apartment without tenants knowing and Items from apartments turn up missing. 7. Most of all the apartment manager does not care about your privacy or living conditions here nor does the managers at pickwick place do either. 8. A man got murdered inside his Briar Glenn Apartment 3 months ago and nothing is being done to increase security. 9. During the Summer months the chiller which runs the aircondition throughout Briar Glenn breaks down three times a week and one may goes several days with no air. The temp inside the apartments can reach above 100 degrees. 10. There are no washer and dryer connections here. 11. During the rainy seasons the roofs leak really bad causing the walls inside apartments to become soaked and mildew. 12. Emergency Maintance here is a waste of one calling them. Overal I give these apartments a half of one rating. I highly recommend you find a better apartment to live in than these. Take this statement of mine as a warning and please I beg you heed this warning do not move into Briar Glenn Apartments!!!!!!
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Briar Glen Apartments

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