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Briar Glen Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2007
my mother and i lived in these apartment,my mother apartment got flooded w/water ruined our furniture and they didnt do anything about it.we had to sleep in the apt with wet carpet.hole in the ceiling that they never came to repair,they said they would wash our carpet for freen when needed they never came out when asked.i moved back after my mother bought house so i can stay close to her,thinkin they improved their staff along w/the apt got worst.the 1st month i moved in w/my 2month old son we had no air conditioner and they said it was hot bc we live upstairs and our bedroom window was facin the sun.and that we should buy black curtains.that's what their apt manager "larry" said to me.so i gave them another chance,our roof started leakin and a big hole started to form on our roof.when and spoke to the apt manager once again in nov of "06"and neva once did they come and look at my roof,after tellin them several times.and the worst thing was their was an iccident(murder) that happen their in april of 07.4steps from my door.and not once did i see the apt manager their.we was not able to get in the apt bc of the investigation untill the officers seen me w/my son and let us in by covering up the body and leading me in to my apt.i called the next morning at 9am to let them know that i wanted to change apt not ever did i say i wanted to get out my lease,but their exact words were"that bc i wasnt a witness and it was not directed to me"that i had to stay in that apt.which i had said im not trying to move out just want a different apt that i would even pay the diffrence thay still were very rude about it and said no.they didnt even have the nerve to clean the blood up,they let it dry.even after all this the still hadnt catch their suspect.and knowin that he had seen that my light were on and tv.that i probably seen something.they still said they did not care,they dnt care about their tenants,and they ask for to much $ for their apt.so i left and pay for that month and they still put an eviction on my record even after my lawyer contact them and they said as long as i payed that month they wont call it an eviction.PLEASE NO ONE MOVED TO BRIAR GLEN THEY ARE THE WORST IN OKLAHOMA CITY,
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Briar Glen Apartments

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